Things to do in Nashville, TN

The nation’s famous music city, Nashville has so much to offer to those looking to have an enjoyable time with friends or family. There are plenty of things to do in Nashville— check out this list to see what you can do while in Nashville.

Things to do in Nashville, TN

ACME Feed & Seed:

A multi-level restaurant and live music venue, ACME Feed & Seed is housed in a national treasure built in 1890. Find everything from locally curated items at the store to a constant and consistently high-quality music from bands and artists of all different genres. Enjoy the ambiance while eating great quality food.

The Parthenon:

There’s a reason why Nashville is called the Athens of the South, and this is it. The Parthenon in Centennial Park is the only life-size replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and is home to a plethora of art. The second level houses a life-size replica of a statue of Pallas-Athena and allows a look into the history of ancient Greece.

Country Music Hall of Fame:

Located in Downtown Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a museum open daily that showcases the lives and accomplishments of distinguished country singers from around the United States. One of the most iconic things to do in Nashville, the museum offers a number of creative activities for people of all ages, and rotates its exhibits to highlight numerous country artists and the evolution of country music.

Music Row:

Southwest of Downtown, the Music Row area is considered the heart of the entertainment industry in Nashville. The home of several businesses and attractions central to the city’s musical heritage. You can find a number of radio stations, networks, publishing houses, and recording studios in one of the nation’s top centers for music recording and publishing.

Johnny Cash Museum:

Featuring the largest collection of Johnny Cash memorabilia in the world and located in the heart of Downtown, the Johnny Cash Museum is a perfect spot to stop by and learn about the legendary singer-songwriter’s life. Grab a bite at the award-winning cafe and take your time strolling through the exhibits. It is one of only six attractions in Nashville to receive a AAA Gem Rating.

Cheekwood Estate & Garden:

A historic property sitting just outside of Nashville, the Cheekwood Estate & Gardens are sprawling and beautiful natural grounds. Best in the spring and late fall, the estates are open in all seasons and offer public guided tours.

Honky Tonk Highway:

Located on Lower Broadway in Downtown, the Honky Tonk Highway is lined with restaurants and live music venues all day, every day of the year. With places like ACME Feed & Seed and Ole Red Nashville, enjoy a different kind of musical experience at Nashville’s Broadway.

Things to do in Nashville, TN