Live Music in Lake Worth, FL

Many venues offer live music in Lake Worth. Visiting tourists as well as locals get to enjoy good music along with great food and a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying local musical acts.

Live Music in Lake Worth, FL

Bamboo Room

Bamboo Room is one of the most popular places to enjoy live music in Lake Worth. It is a cool place to enjoy a variety of live music performances of different music genres. With its unique and stylistic interior décor, the Bamboo room looks and feels like you’ve walked into a modern museum.

Rudy’s Pub

This pub features some of the best local musicians in the Lake Worth area. Not only is the environment friendly, but the pub also offers mouthwatering and well-priced taco deals every Tuesday.


Propaganda is a lovely place to swing by and enjoy live music. A small and intimate venue, the music selection is upbeat and fun, and the crowd is young and pleasant. There is always a parade of both local and national bands, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

Rhum Shak

Rhum Shak serves stuffed meatloaf, fish dip, and other food options while offering live music on most nights. The location has outdoor seating and smoking is allowed outside. The foods is well-priced and affordable, the crowd is fun, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Lake Worth Playhouse

This theatre is located in downtown Lake Worth. They feature local talents and great music while offering plays and musicals regularly. The décor is artistic and pretty, and it has a simple, relaxed look and feel. It is small, and everything including the seating arrangement is simple to prevent obstruction.

American German Club

A very European club in the Lake Worth area, the first floor and the outside areas are wheelchair accessible. It offers German food and excellent live music, and is a lovely place for family entertainment.

Live Music in Lake Worth, FL

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