Best Restaurants in Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth’s serene and intimate dining scene welcomes many avid foodies and connoisseurs to explore something more unique and separate from the fancy, tourist-trodden and overpriced restaurants in Palm Beach. Nestled cozily between the Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County’s western neighborhoods, Lake Worth is easily accessible and offers both bargains and an array of upscale restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisine. Whether you love an idyllic stop-off with al-fresco dining settings or a family-friendly joint with good comfort food, Lake Worth has the variety to satisfy any appetite.

Best Restaurants in Lake Worth, FL

Spoto’s Oyster Bar

Seafood lovers and sports bar aficionados may want to explore this singular restaurant in Lake Worth. Inhale the ocean breeze at the Spoto’s outdoor seating and let the feast begin. With many made-from-scratch fresh seafood dishes, including classic American pan-seared scallops, Mexican style ceviche, and Thai shrimp dishes, you will certainly find something appetizing here. The indoor setting, which boasts a one-of-a-kind décor with mirrored walls and brick floors, offers many booths and tables in a welcoming environment. Come with your friends for a fun day and good food.

Callaro’s Steak House

Visit this steakhouse to see for yourself why it’s top-rated in Lake Worth. The menu is extensive with a large variety of steak and seafood choices. With delicious and popular cut choices including steak au poivre, filet mignon, and T-bone, this restaurant offers each patron a choice to pick their favorite cut and get it cooked to their taste and interest. Classic sides served here include the chef’s special and innovative dishes such as butter slathered garlic bread, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, and perfectly sautéed asparagus. Each of their steak meals comes with their chef’s special bourbon mashed potatoes, French fries, or vegetables and with a side of hand-tossed salad.

The Island

Lake Worth’s one-and-only The Island offers an innovative twist to the classic seafood restaurant. This restaurant serves a Caribbean fusion cuisine with many colorful and enticing dishes featuring fresh lobster, crab cakes, Trinidad style curries, and flatbread. They also serve a deliciously classic filet mignon served with home-style mashed potatoes. Dessert options are also creative, with choices ranging from unique ice creams to their house-special coffee and pecan brownies. Plan your dining ahead and spend enough time at The Island to enjoy your meal.
While these are the top rated restaurants in Lake Worth, there are many under-the-radar local eateries that serve lip-smacking meals in a casual setting. When you visit Lake Worth next time, make sure to check these restaurants in Lake Worth for an amazing dining experience.

Best Restaurants in Lake Worth, FL

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