Connecting Kerrville to Music-Based Addiction Care

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Effective and flexible care from leading mental health and addiction care professionals

Music-Centered Rehab

Songwriting, musical analysis, performance, production, creative writing and more

Aftercare Plans

Customized plans to help clients build on the progress they made in treatment and avoid relapse

Robust Alumni Network

Strong and supportive group allows clients to exchange continued support after treatment

Medical Detox Referral

Coordination with nearby medical facilities to expedite detox and withdrawal management

Care, Independence, Success

Recovery Unplugged Kerrville offers outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services to accommodate each patient’s individual care needs and lifestyle. We tailor each patient’s treatment plan to fit their substance use history and their specific treatment requirements. Outpatient treatment offers the quality and flexibility that many patients need in a treatment program. Participants are able to get the help they need while still staying connected to their careers, families and other obligations. Intensive patient (IOP) treatment programs provide a level of care that lies somewhere between residential and outpatient treatment. It provides a deeper level of care than traditional outpatient services, but also allows patients to maintain their lifestyles.

A Comfortable and Harmonious Atmosphere

Our program combines the innate healing benefits of music with traditional treatment practices like detox, individualized counseling and 12-Step recovery. The program is open to patients of all musical backgrounds, from casual listeners to professional musicians.

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  • Kerrville Treatment Center
  • Kerrville Treatment Center
  • Kerrville Treatment Center

Scope of Addiction in Kerrville

The community of Kerrville, as well as the rest of Texas, is currently battling a powerful and diverse addiction epidemic. With more and more residents succumbing to a variety of drugs, specifically opioids and methamphetamine, it’s imperative that they have quality and effective treatment services to help them reclaim their lives. Offering a variety of music-based treatment therapies, including appreciation, composition, lyric-writing, performance, production and more, Recovery Unplugged Kerrville leverages the healing benefits of music to help patients break down emotional barriers and safely confront the toxic and dysfunctional circumstances that have led to and sustained their substance.

Treatment Benefits at RU Kerrville

Our musical rehab approach is designed to help clients heal on multiple levels so they can be free from addiction and repair the lifestyle damage they’ve sustained through long-term substance abuse. Our program yields numerous psychological and lifestyle health benefits.

Know Yourself

Identify and confront the root causes and sustaining factors of your substance use, and learn how to manage them

Gain Confidence

Our music-based therapies help clients access their internal voice to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin

Hearing Is Healing

Learn and experience how active and passive engagement with music promotes physiological and emotional health

Take It on the Road

Integrate music into your post-treatment recovery and everyday life to help you stay strong and avoid relapse

Ongoing Support

Stay in touch with Recovery Unplugged staff and alumni to maintain a support system throughout your recovery

Connect Again

Use the emotional strength and self-awareness cultivated in rehab to repair your career relationships and quality of life

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Recovery Unplugged Kerrville is committed to helping our friends and neighbors reclaim their lives from addiction and pursue a better tomorrow. We are exceedingly proud to be the first program to harness music’s full power to provide an entirely music-focused recovery experience.

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