Recovery Unplugged


Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center


Recovery Unplugged is the top-rated residential drug rehab program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, because we are not your run-of-the-mill drug and alcohol treatment center. We are the first of our kind, as we incorporate music into every aspect of treatment.

We have the entire continuum of treatments, with levels of care including:

  • Medical detox
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Virtual (online) treatment plans

We also offer additional services other rehabs may not, like drug court navigation services, intervention services, sober living resources, employee assistance programs, and LGBTQ+ friendly and pet-friendly facilities. We offer expert care from compassionate, licensed, and experienced professionals, using evidence-based treatments combined with music-assisted treatment plans, infusing inclusivity, clinical excellence, and music-as-medicine in all we do.

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Inpatient rehab is an addiction treatment program in which you move out of your house and into a safe, sober residence for a set amount of time, usually 30 days or longer, after detoxing from drugs and alcohol. You will be in the facility 24 hours a day unless on a scheduled outing, structured living days filled with therapy, counseling, doctors’ appointments, group therapy, and other treatments. The benefits of living inside a sober inpatient rehab include:

  • Being under the watchful eye of medical professionals in case you still suffer withdrawal symptoms and/or have a mental illness that needs supervision
  • Living away from easy access to drugs and alcohol so that you will not be tempted to relapse
  • Being removed from all your usual stressful responsibilities, triggers, and people/places that may trigger a stress response so that you can relax into your treatment, taking time to heal and focus on yourself
  • Having structured days with activities and treatments that will teach you new habits and new healthier ways of doing things
  • Having wholesome and healthy meals provided to you, along with nutritional counseling and exercise programs to help you grow stronger and provide your body with the hydration and nutrients it needs
  • Living amongst peers who are going through a similar process that you are allowing you to spend time with like-minded peers and figure out how to have fun, and meet people without substance abuse

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox and Rehab Center
Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox and Rehab Center
Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center

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At Recovery Unplugged, inpatient drug rehab begins directly after completing your inpatient medically assisted treatment (MAT) or detox program. At the Lake Worth, Florida treatment center for residents of Fort Lauderdale, our residential rehab facility is located near the beach in a tropical setting. We have beautifully landscaped grounds, and you will move into one of our comfortable and modern residential buildings. There is a gym, laundry facility, bookstore, and vape shop. You will likely share a room with one or more people, but there is ample space and next-level privacy for your safety and discretion. Talk to our admissions coordinators to find out more about room designations.

You will begin your customized treatment plan right away. This includes treatments like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • One-on-one individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • TMS therapy (transcranial magnetic stimulation)
  • Evidence-based clinical practices
  • Trauma therapy
  • Long-term monitoring and alumni services
  • Telehealth services
  • Music assisted treatment
  • Relapse prevention tools

Dual diagnosis treatments for mental illnesses co-occurring alongside your substance use disorder are also provided at Recovery Unplugged. Common mental health issues we treat include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Panic disorders
  • Major depression
  • Schizoaffective disorders
  • Conduct disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Mood disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

You will address issues affecting your body, mind and spirit, get to the underlying causes of your addiction, and make behavioral, social, and psychological changes needed to overcome your addiction. Cell phone use is permitted at designated times after you have passed your assessment period so you can stay in touch with your loved ones.


At Recovery Unplugged, we infuse music into every person’s treatment plan. You do not need to be a musician to appreciate the healing power music holds. Some of the ways we incorporate music into substance abuse treatment plans include:

  • Creating a personalized playlist with emotionally significant songs
  • Performing music at open-mic sessions
  • Performances by alumni
  • Music-oriented individual therapy and group therapy
  • Access to fully equipped music spaces to create and record music
  • Movement to music sessions
  • Creative writing exercises like songwriting and poetry

We believe that music can help you embrace your treatments and create a better overall experience for you while in addiction treatment. It will help you heal, open up, and build community as you start your recovery path.


Inpatient treatment at Recovery Unplugged is usually two to four weeks, but this depends on your own individual needs. Some people stay up to 90 days as severe addictions or mental and physical illnesses require a longer time in integrated care.


A shorter, 30-day stay in inpatient rehab is the perfect amount of time to step out of your old habits and routines, get away from drug dealers and liquor cabinets, and focus hard on your own health and well-being. You will gain recovery, relapse prevention, and life skills as you heal underlying emotional pain and find the causes of your addiction. You will work toward creating new habits and healthy coping skills while learning to make choices that will benefit you long-term.


Sixty days in rehab is a good length for people who are struggling with addiction alongside a mental health issue. Many psychiatric medications take up to six weeks to fully take effect. It may take a longer time for you to come to terms with your problems and begin to get your physical and mental health under control before moving out into an outpatient or partial hospitalization program. You may also require a longer time under 24-hour medical supervision if drugs or alcohol have damaged your organs or caused other health problems.


The longer you spend in inpatient rehab, the lower your chance of relapsing. A 90-day stay in residential care is suitable for people with a history of relapsing or those with a high risk of relapse. It is also an ideal time for people in a long-term medication-assisted treatment plan for opioid drugs or benzodiazepines, as these drugs have withdrawal symptoms that tend to reappear unexpectedly for weeks or even months after detoxing. Being inside a sober facility surrounded by support and 24-hour care will ensure you do not relapse during those difficult moments.


At Recovery Unplugged, we are here for people from all walks of life, with all levels of addiction and issues related to seeking help. Professionals battling substance use disorders due to high-stress environments and workplace cultures promoting drinking or cocaine and stimulant use can access our services. We are in-network with most major insurance companies, providing medically supervised detox programs and short- or long-term inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation plans.

We have comprehensive treatment programs that can be 100% customized to best suit your needs. We also provide educational services about substance use disorders, medical care, inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, and telehealth services. We also have on-demand peer support services, providing you additional support during this difficult time.

Suppose you are, for example, an executive with a less-severe cocaine addiction who simply cannot leave your work behind. In that case, you may enter a shorter-term inpatient detox treatment followed by an online intensive outpatient plan that can accommodate your work schedule as you continue to get the healing treatments you require. Your health is more important than your job, but you do not need to choose one over the other when choosing Recovery Unplugged.

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The Recovery Unplugged residential rehab program is unique, offering music-assisted treatments that will keep your recovery interesting as you work through underlying issues, gain new recovery skills, and heal your body, mind, and spirit through our integrated programming.

Drug detox in Fort Lauderdale provides the full continuum of care that leads from inpatient detox and rehab through partial hospitalization programs (six hours of treatment per day), intensive outpatient programs (three hours of treatment per day), and a comprehensive aftercare plan provides help with relapse prevention and support. Medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol are provided through these programs, as are connections to our active alumni group, doctor and psychiatric care as needed, and other groups and peer support like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or SMART recovery groups.

With Recovery Unplugged, through the power of music, professional care at all levels, and excellent peer and clinical support throughout your recovery journey, you can quit using drugs and alcohol and start living and enjoying your life again without substance abuse. Contact today to learn more about our IOP and PHP rehab options for Fort Lauderdale residents.



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