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How Music Assisted Treatment Breaks Down Barriers

Recovery Unplugged Dallas Coming 2021

Recovery Unplugged is the first and only addiction treatment organization to fully weave music into the fabric of our rehab programs. One of the ways we do this is by hosting events featuring artists who have been through addiction and recovery and are able to share their insights while performing some of their own music. Our open mic and musical group sessions offer clients a chance to fully engage with music through the writing and performance processes, giving them a sense of catharsis and providing an outlet through which they can successfully articulate their emotions and properly contextualize the issues that have led to and sustained their substance use.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Dallas

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas routinely works with most major insurance companies to make treatment as affordable and accessible as possible. The process begins with an assessment and insurance verification from our friendly and knowledgeable admissions staff. From there, we will guide you or your loved one into customized and targeted care program. Start writing your recovery song now. Recovery Unplugged Dallas is ready to help call us now at 1 (855) 384-5794.

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