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Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center


Once you have completed an addiction treatment program within a treatment center, you want to make sure that your transition from alcohol or drug rehab back into the community is smooth and setting you up for success in addiction recovery. Throughout your addiction treatment programs, you were provided with the opportunity to address and heal from your root causes of drug or alcohol addiction by participating in evidence-based therapy methods that will help you identify the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Your substance abuse often develops over a period of time for your own unique history of emotional distress and traumas. Your treatment programs will support you in healing from those underlying causes and allow you to remove the negative responses that can occur as a result of your past traumas. Your treatment programs will assist patients in developing coping skills and life skills for relapse prevention and sober living. After learning a variety of coping strategies and creating a new foundation and lifestyle routine that fosters addiction recovery, you will want the support to ensure that you can make the long-lasting change of living in sobriety.

Many Austin residents are searching for an option that provides a stepping stone from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that offers structure and emotional support as you continue with your healing journey of addiction recovery. Sober housing options provide individuals with a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and healing while removing any potential triggers or barriers by removing any presence of drugs and alcohol. Sober housing programs will invite you to live with other individuals in early addiction recovery who are going through the same life journey of navigating the ups and downs of creating a new lifestyle in sober living. Residents in sober housing will often connect with each other to attend 12-step programs together as well as develop new friendships and connections that become long-term support systems for each other.

Recovery Unplugged offers Austin residents a continuum of care for addiction treatments that will foster long-term sobriety. Patients will have the option of participating in a medical detox program to support withdrawal management and remove the physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. After completing your drug or alcohol detox program, you will be able to participate in an inpatient treatment program or outpatient rehab program that will provide you with individual therapy and group therapy processes that will support you in healing from the emotions and traumas that have impacted your addictive behaviors. Austin residents will be offered a unique approach to addiction treatments through our one-of-a-kind music-assisted treatment programs. Patients will be offered opportunities to engage in creative arts and musical expression through a variety of activities, including creating musical beats, writing music, or playing instruments. Don't have a musical background? That is okay, as our team will work with you to find ways that are authentic to you and suit your individual needs for creative expression. We believe that music can have a powerful impact on healing and addiction treatments, and our team will support you in finding a musical expression and outlet that is suited to your personality and healing needs. As you heal from the past and begin incorporating the tools and coping strategies for living in sobriety, you will be ready to transition from a drug and alcohol rehab program into the community. Recovery Unplugged in Austin offers patients sober housing programs that will offer a halfway house that includes the support of an in-house manager that will help you maintain your goals of living in addiction recovery. 

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For patients who complete treatment programs within recovery centers in Austin, Texas, and decide to continue their healing journey in sober housing, there are a number of benefits that individuals will have, including the following:

  • A continuation in the levels of care that you are used to within an addiction treatment program. Individuals will have access to a house manager that will offer support and structure similar to inpatient treatment.
  • Development of a community of support in addiction recovery. Residing in sober housing will allow you to connect with other residents who are experiencing a similar journey in addiction recovery.
  • Ongoing support from Recovery Unplugged addiction therapists and on-site house managers.
  • Ability to take and apply the skills that you have learned in residential treatment within your day-to-day life.
  • As you encounter triggers, you will have the support of a house manager that will help you process the event and develop or strengthen your skills in overcoming triggers and relapse prevention. 

Recovery Unplugged Austin Detox Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Detox Center
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A sober housing program that offers a program specifically for women provides a unique, empowering experience for residents within the sober house. Women that have a history of substance abuse will often have a history of emotional distress and trauma and, in some cases, at the hands of men. A women's only sober housing program will allow women to feel safe and comfortable to continue to grow and heal with other women who share similar histories and experiences. Women are able to empower one another and create long-lasting bonds and friendships that foster living in addiction recovery. 


Similar to women, there are many benefits to having a group of men share in the same journey of healing from substance abuse and creating a new lifestyle in sober living. Men often have societal pressure to withhold showing emotions, talk about feelings or hardships, and maintain an image of masculinity. When men are able to participate in addiction treatments together and live together within a sober living home, they are able to create and foster a positive, inclusive environment that encourages positive self-expression and vulnerability. Men will be able to connect with other men about the struggles that they have experienced from societal norms and within active drugs and alcohol addiction to help support one another to heal from their past and discover a new sense of self living in addiction recovery. 


Healing from drug and alcohol addiction and achieving a life of sober living requires a long-term commitment to your recovery programs. There is often a misconception that addiction treatment occurs within the recovery center for inpatient rehab. When you make the decision to overcome drug and alcohol addiction with an addiction treatment program, to ensure it is effective, it is important that you have the ongoing support of the treatment center. 

Once you complete your alcohol or drug rehab program, you will be provided with an aftercare program that will incorporate ongoing therapeutic support and guidance from addiction counselors. Aftercare programs will often include attending 12-step programs of alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, and smart recovery meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to have an open, trusting space for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics to meet and discuss their experiences with active drug and alcohol addiction and share their stories of strength, hope, and resilience throughout their addiction recovery journey. Individuals will be able to connect with other participants who will share their experiences throughout early addiction recovery and provide hope and guidance to remain focused on their goals of living in addiction recovery. 

Patients who complete an addiction treatment program will be offered to participate in alumni support programs where patients can connect with other individuals that have completed a residential treatment program. The goal of aftercare and alumni support programs is to help you develop a strong support foundation with other individuals in addiction recovery. 

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Recovery Unplugged is the leading choice for substance abuse treatment programs, including our inclusive, safe, sober housing programs. Your success in addiction recovery is our top priority which is why our team will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that is designed to meet the levels of care that you require to safely and effectively overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol and solidify a new way of life in sober living. Our treatment programs incorporate a variety of evidence-based therapies, including behavioral therapy, physical therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, 12-step programs including alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous, music therapies, medication-assisted treatment, and family therapy that will provide you with a whole person integrated approach to addiction recovery and healing.

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