Shopping in Austin, TX

There are plenty of places to shop in Austin if you know what you’re looking for. The diversity of goods and services, casual styles, artistic creations, and quality customer service are some of the things that make shopping in Austin, TX such a special experience. Austin is known to be a laid-back city, and this sentiment is reflected in most of its shopping centers.

Shopping in Austin, TX

Central Austin

Central Austin has some very unique shopping areas. On North Lamar, there is a grocery store that stocks a wide variety of groceries. At HEB’s, there are plenty of fresh breads, cakes, cheeses, and meats. You can buy kitchen items, food items, and hardware at Breed Hardware. Clarksville Pottery offers a variety of ceramics, pottery, and jewelry from local artists. The 26 Doors Shopping Center also houses gift shops, boutiques, salons, and restaurants.

Arboretum Market

The Arboretum Market offers one of the most exciting experiences of shopping in Austin, and is only about fifteen minutes from downtown Austin. It has plenty of high end shops in an open air environment. Check out the Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Louis Vuitton, Gap, Coach, and Sephora stores among other high-end retailers.


Downtown Austin has plenty of galleries, restaurants, and stores to fulfilling any of your shopping needs. The Whole Foods Market headquarters is in a residential area in Downtown, and offers a gelateria, a bakery, a chocolatier, a coffee bar, and more. At the grocery store, there are also both organic and inorganic foods. Amy’s Ice Cream is also located in Downtown next to several reputable piercing and tattoo shops on 6th Street.

Barton Creek Square Mall

If you are shopping in Austin for clothes, Barton Creek Square Mall is one of the best places to search for what you need. It is one of Austin’s most popular malls, and has plenty of boutiques that sell casual clothes. The department stores include Nordstrom, JCPenney, and Foley’s. The mall has the only Apple store in Austin, as well as an Armani Exchange retailer.

East 6th

The East 6th has plenty of handmade arts and is located to the east of 35. The Lion’s Nest art gallery sells handmade jewelry and gifts. Boheme sells trendy clothing and HELM Boots sells good quality handcrafted leather belts and boots for men. East 6th has food trucks that are famous all across Texas, and are said to be some of the best in the state.

Shopping in Austin, TX

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