Live Music in Austin, TX

If you’re not from the area, you may be surprised by the prevalence of live music in Austin. Live music is available in many different forms and places in Austin. Musicians and bands play live music almost everywhere in Austin, including at festivals, in the streets, in stores, and even in meetings. If you’re looking for some good live music in the area, check out these places.

Live Music in Austin, TX

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

The rock club and BBQ joint in Downtown Austin has an excellent barbecue. The food is prepared and served well, and there are a variety options. They have both an indoor and an outdoor venue, and the outside is spacious and excellent for concerts. They host some of the best bands from all genres of music. In fact, their Gospel brunch on Sunday has become so popular that you need a reservation for both indoor and outdoor seating.

Cedar Street Courtyard

Cedar Street Courtyard in Downtown Austin offers outdoor live music. The venue is laid-back and relaxing, and they only feature top-notch bands. The service is fast, and the security is vigilant.

Austin 360 Amphitheatre

This music venue hosts many concerts for national and local artists. The acoustics in this venue are absolutely fantastic, making it a fantastic place for all kinds of concerts. Smoking isn’t allowed in the amphitheatre, and there is plenty of parking space for guests.

Live Music in Austin, TX

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