Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox in Austin, TX

Expert Doctors

Licensed medical professionals trained to treat addiction withdrawal and managed symptoms

Compassionate Nurses

Dedicated and capable nursing professionals to provide round-the-clock monitoring of symptoms

Safe and Comfortable Environment

Heal in a comfortable, discreet and supportive setting as you purge your body of toxins

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Helping clients mitigate cravings and lingering physical withdrawal symptoms

Attentive Support Staff

Making your detox as comfortable and easy as possible as you enter the next phase of treatment

Most Insurances Accepted

Get an insurance verification and begin detox as soon as tomorrow to start your recovery journey

You’re Stronger than Withdrawal

Withdrawal is probably the most difficult and taxing component of the addiction treatment process. It can, and usually does, include a variety of painful and sickening physical and psychological symptoms that require expert, compassionate and medically supervised treatment. A person going through detox is often more vulnerable than they’ve ever been in their life; and they need the right assistance to help them safely and comfortable get through it. Recovery Unplugged Detox offers experienced, safe and discreet medical detox in Austin. Our doctors and nurses work hand in hand to ensure that you or your loved one get the treatment and support you need during this difficult process.

Advantages of Medical Detox

Those struggling with substance use disorder run a significantly higher risk of relapse when they endeavor to detox on their own because they don’t have the tools, resources and training at their disposal to keep themselves safe and comfortable. Drug and alcohol addiction create serious and potentially permanent changes in the brain’s chemistry, making it incredibly difficult for users to abstain from substance use in the wake of withdrawal. Recovery Unplugged Austin Detox Center offers the professional and experienced assistance you need to safely and successfully detox.

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  • Austin Detox Center

The Detox Process at Recovery Unplugged Austin

Clients are given a full medical assessment upon intake and given expert treatment for the issues they’re experiencing due to their prolonged and untreated course of substance use. The detox process usually takes around three to seven days and allows clients to comfortably expel all the toxins that have built up in their systems. At our Austin facility, we have everything you or your loved one needs to get through this potentially painful process. Our doctors and nurses are trained to treat withdrawal symptoms and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. You don’t have to let withdrawal rule your life anymore.

Symptoms to Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal

While each person’s withdrawal symptoms will vary according to the scope and duration of their substance use, Recovery Unplugged provides detox for a full range of substance abuse conditions and related withdrawal symptoms:

Heroin Withdrawal

Flu-like symptoms, stomach pain, excessive sweating, and more

Cocaine Withdrawal

Anxiety, breathing problems, hallucinations and more

Meth Withdrawal

Respiratory distress, severe joint and muscle pain and more

Alcohol Withdrawal

Headaches, sensitivity to light, vomiting, shaking and more

Benzo Withdrawal

sleep disturbance, irritability, panic attacks and more

Opioid Withdrawal

Chronic pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting and more

Call Us Today for An Insurance Verification

Recovery Unplugged Austin Detox Center works with most insurance companies to help make the detox process more affordable and accessible. Don’t spend another second languishing in physical and psychological withdrawal. End the sleepless nights and call us now so you can start your treatment.

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