Music-Focused Addiction Care in the DC-Metro Area

Partial Day Programs

Bridge between inpatient and outpatient treatment that combines flexibility, quality and independence.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Targeted an in-depth behavioral rehab that allows clients to maintain their careers, families and lives.

Musical Therapies

Clients engage with music through passive and active therapy techniques during behavioral rehab.

Leading Addiction Care Professionals

Expert care from professionals trained in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency.

Coordination with Detox

Partnerships with medical facilities in the area to help clients overcome withdrawal and cravings.

Most Insurances Accepted

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia is in-network with most major insurance companies to make treatment more affordable.


Our representatives are standing by to guide you or your loved one toward treatment and better tomorrow. You don’t have to surrender your life to addiction. The sooner you reach out to Recovery Unplugged for help, the sooner you can start to reclaim your health and quality of life. Get the help you need now at 1 (800) 55-REHAB.

Your Lifeline to Recovery and a Better Future

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia is the first-ever fully music-based addiction treatment program in Virginia. We are pleased to offer our music-based treatment at the historic Harrison House Building, an established and trusted treatment haven that has guided thousands of residents in the region toward lasting recovery. Blending traditional treatment practices, such as detox, group therapy and individualized counseling with innovative music-focused treatment therapies, Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia is committed to helping you or your loved one overcome your substance use disorder and reclaim your life. You don’t have to let addiction rule your life and derail your future call us now at 1 (800) 55-REHAB.

  • Northern Virginia Treatment Center
  • Northern Virginia Treatment Center
  • Northern Virginia Treatment Center
  • Northern Virginia Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Virginia

Recovery Unplugged understands the unique and specialized substance abuse threats that Virginia residents face. The state is situated right in the middle of the mid-Atlantic Ground Zero for opioid addiction. The Virginia Department of Health reports that in 2016, the state saw 803 deaths from fentanyl and heroin, 465 deaths from other prescription opioids, 1,401 ER visits from heroin overdose, 8,710 visits for other opioids and 4,076 Narcan (Naloxone) deployments. The border state of West Virginia leads the country in fatal opioid overdoses. On top of prescription and illicit opiates, existing threats like cocaine, methamphetamine and synthetic drugs continue to threaten Virginians in every portion of the state.

A Fully Formed Addiction Recovery Experience

Our Northern Virginia treatment facility offers multiple types of addiction treatment that is customized according to each client’s care needs and lifestyle. We strive to provide a full continuum of expert care.

Group Therapy

Clients exchange support and affirmation through music-centered group therapy sessions with an experienced counselor

Individualized Counseling

Address the origins and sustaining factors of your substance use and develop coping techniques to avoid relapse

Musical Medicine

Composition, creative writing, musical performance, recording, production and musical analysis are woven deeply into our rehab program

Fully Appointed Music Space

Instruments and recording equipment to help clients fully engage with music during their treatment

Comfortable and Discreet Living Experience

PHP clients stay in semi-private residences with a large full shared kitchen and multiple other amenities

Comprehensive Support

Assistance with medication, logistical planning and other critical aspects of the treatment and recovery processes

Don’t Become Northern Virginia’s Next Addiction Casualty

Our facility is in-network with most insurance companies to make treatment as affordable as possible to our prospective patients. It is our goal to provide a full continuum of care and assist patients through each stage of the treatment process, from intake to discharge and every element in between. Contact us today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start treatment.

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