Lil Xan to Enter Rehab for Opioid Addiction

Lil Xan to enter rehab for opioid addiction.

The death of hip-hop artist Mac Miller continues to send shockwaves through the music community and resonate heavily with some of his fellow artists; the most recent example of this comes as rapper Lil Xan announces his impending entry into rehab for opioid addiction. The 22-year-old California who got the world’s attention with his platinum breakout track “Betrayed”, recently made turned heads for another reason: his self-professed dependency on painkillers. Xan describes the death of Mac Miller, an artist who has been a hero and inspiration to him, as a “wake-up” call and cancelled his scheduled performances so he could concentrate on his treatment and recovery.

A Rare Self-Awareness

Lil Xan’s independent decision to enter rehab is a courageous and inspiring departure from how so many are ultimately forced to admit that we have a problem with drugs or alcohol. It also reminds us that opioid addiction can affect anyone, no matter how much money, support or notoriety they may enjoy, and we should never be ashamed to ask for help. It’s only through leaning on others and embracing whatever support system we can cultivate that we can get our arms around our addictions and start the healing process. Lil Xan chose his loved ones, his career and his art over opioid addiction and Recovery Unplugged wishes him strength, peace and success during his treatment. We look forward to watching his career and unfold and seeing him reach his full musical potential after he completes treatment.

Lil Xan has reinforced that If someone is struggling with opioid addiction, or any other kind of substance use disorder, It’s possible be honest with themselves and the people around them about their vulnerability. If drug or alcohol addiction is affecting you or your loved one, you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.