Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Last House on the Block Scholarship: Meet Lauren

Last House on the Block Scholarship

First off- Recovery Unplugged would like to express gratitude to everyone who wrote in to apply for our scholarship. It pains us that we are not able to help every suffering addict who needs drug or alcohol treatment. For anyone who is struggling to find help, please contact local recovery resources (NA Hotline or AA Hotline) or give us a call and we will try to point you in the right direction.

Recovery Unplugged in conjunction with Face The Music Foundation has developed the Last House on the Block Scholarship to help struggling addicts who do not have financial or insurance resources to get into a drug rehab center. The scholarship is awarded at random to those who write in to our specified blog posts and ask for help.

Recovery Unplugged would like to introduce you to Lauren. Lauren is 28 from New Jersey. After a few unsuccessful attempts in treatment, Lauren has found herself homeless in south Florida. Lauren came to us defeated and willing to do whatever it takes to get clean. When asked what would make this time any different for her, Lauren says she has finally came to terms with the fact that she needs to work a vigorous program of recovery after she leaves treatment. She also expressed that she hopes to gain insight on some of her personal and emotional issues with the help of staff at Recovery Unplugged. Lauren says she is “Grateful not to be on the streets and have an opportunity to start fresh and build a life for herself.”

Recovery Unplugged uses music as a huge part of our program. Music can be a great tool to help break down defenses and help get people in touch with their emotions and their experiences when sometimes it may be tough to find the words. When Lauren was asked about a song that she could relate to her life or her recovery, we landed on the song “Last Chance” by Chris Webby- a song that talks about being at the end of the road and finding the courage to seize the opportunity for one last chance to save her life. Listen to the songs and see the lyrics below.

We will give everyone an update on Lauren as she plans to complete treatment and move on the the next phase in her path to recovery.

Thank you again to all who have written in, please stay tuned for upcoming scholarship opportunities!

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