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Just Jordan – Using Music to Combat Stress

Jordan G. is back this week with another vlog, this time sharing about how music has helped her relieve stress during social distancing. Because we’re almost a month into isolating ourselves from the outside world, we’re all feeling a little stir crazy. Although it can feel hard to destress, music can help us relax while connecting us with those in our community.

Feeling like lockdown will never end and constantly wondering when we can leave our houses is stressful. It can be mentally taxing to feel out of touch with your community, especially when you’re in recovery. 

Feeling isolated can increase the chances of relapse, which can be anxiety-inducing for many people in recovery. To keep these feelings at bay, Jordan has been using music to help her maintain connections with those she loves. 

How Music Eases Anxieties

As an alumna of our program, Jordan utilizes many coping mechanisms taught to our clients during our music-assisted treatment. One practice that’s helped her combat stress during social distancing and quarantine is “Song Dedication,” or sending dedicated songs to her loved ones. This allows Jordan to express her emotions while also communicating and maintaining relationships and connections to those she loves.  

Jordan also uses music to ease her mind and keep herself concentrated while at work. Spotify, YouTube, and other free streaming sites can help bring you new and soothing music when you can’t seem to focus. 

If you’re looking for fun ways to stay in touch with the recovery community, Recovery Unplugged has also launched our Sober Streams. Every week Recovery Unplugged brings the music and community to your home with Sober Streams on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Three of these Sober Streams involve music and have helped Jordan stay connected to her community and artists in recovery.

We Want to Hear from You!

How have you been using music to combat stress and anxiety? Have you been streaming concerts, dancing in your underwear, or making music? Let us know!

If you’ve been struggling to cope with the stress and feel like you might be at your breaking point, we’re here for you. We want to use the healing power of music as a catalyst for your recovery. Reach out to us on social media or directly to our admissions team to get the help you need today. 

Music is our medicine and we want to share it with you. Share how you’ve seen music make the difference with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Just Jordan - Using Music to Combat Stress

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