Continuing your recovery during quarantine

Just Jordan – Learning New Things In Quarantine

It can feel more than a little maddening to have so much time on our hands during lockdown. They say that idle hands are the devil’s playground, which is why Jordan G. has been keeping busy during quarantine. 

Learning new things in quarantine gives us the opportunity to pick up new skills while keeping us away from the possibility of relapse. In this week’s blog, Jordan shares the ways in which taking the time to learn new things has impacted her. 

The unfortunate truth is that we’re all extra vulnerable when lonely and tired. Being cut off from human contact during the current global pandemic has put us in vulnerable situations, especially those in recovery. It’s easy to feel lonely, isolated, and exhausted when you’re stuck in the same four walls every day. 

Many of us are likely feeling lost in our heads and as though we have nothing to do. That’s why Jordan thought it would be important to share how she’s been finding ways to keep from feeling bored. Check out the different ways she’s been learning how to use music, art, and meditation to keep herself sane during quarantine!

Picking Up an Instrument

Like we mentioned in last week’s vlog, music is an amazing way to combat stress head-on. After going through Recovery Unplugged’s treatment program, Jordan has hands-on experience with the healing and calming power of music. Although not a musician, Jordan decided that now would be the perfect time to pick up an instrument and try her hand at it. 

Even if it’s just learning one new chord or an arpeggio, focusing your attention on an instrument can help you pass time in a constructive way. Learning new instruments or ways to express yourself with music can help clear your head of the negative thoughts you might be having. 

If you have an instrument sitting around your house, make sure to pick it up and pluck some strings. It might bring you happiness you never anticipated. 

Connecting with Yourself in New Ways

Although learning how to play an instrument can help alleviate the boredom, it can be tiring to strum the day away. That’s why Jordan has also been practicing other ways to while away the days. 

Painting, drawing, and writing are all great ways to express yourself and step away from the clutter of your mind. In fact, you can create a perfectly balanced and creative atmosphere by playing your favorite music while you express yourself artistically. By putting your thoughts on paper and letting your imagination run free, you’re engaging in a fun and relaxing act of mental self-care. 

Jordan also picked up yoga and meditation, and has been spending time focusing on the connection between mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

Doing so not only helps your body and mind, but can also change your perspective on the situation with quarantine. Although it’s easy to feel lost and alone, lockdown can help give you the time you need to connect with yourself and perform acts of self-love. 

What are some of the new things you’ve been learning in quarantine? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! 

Just Jordan - Learning New Things In Quarantine

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