Jobs with High Rates of Substance Abuse and Addiction

Jobs with High Rates of Substance Abuse and Addiction

We’re all familiar with the relationship between addiction and music; however, there is also a variety of everyday professions in which substance abuse and addiction are unfortunately common. Many of these high-pressure and exceptionally stressful fields have even worked with treatment providers to develop specialized addiction care programs that cater to the specific factors in their industry. Identifying which fields yield the highest rates of substance abuse, and what factors contribute to these high rates, can be instrumental in helping to create bedrock changes within these industries so employs can better perform and improve their overall health and quality of life. Some of the industries with the highest rates of substance abuse include:

Doctors and Nurses – The unparalleled pressure of holding patients’ lives in their hands combined with increased access to prescription medications, have made the medical profession a breeding ground for internal substance abuse and addiction. It’s estimated that 10 to 15 percent of physicians struggle with some sort of substance use disorder.

Lawyers – The hazards of the legal profession can’t be overstated. A 2016 study revealed that more than 20 percent of lawyers reported that they felt that their use of alcohol or other drugs was problematic at some point in their lives, and, of these, nearly three of four reported that their problematic use started after they joined law school.

Aviation Professionals – Airline pilots and air-traffic controllers suffer abnormal rates of alcohol use disorder. This incredibly stressful and exacting career can very quickly take its toll and cause professionals within the aviation industry to self-medicate.

Other jobs with a propensity for substance abuse and addiction include professional athletes, executives, construction and labor and more. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to substance abuse by the sheer nature of your professional background, get specialized help now.