Virtual Addiction Treatment in Nashville

Is Virtual Addiction Treatment Available in Nashville?

Getting Help for Addiction Online in Nashville

Living with an active drug or alcohol addiction often feels like a lonely place to be. While you know that you want to overcome your substance use disorders, finding the appropriate treatment programs is essential and can feel overwhelming with the different types of treatment available.

Nashville, TN residents live busy lifestyles, and finding the time to attend an addiction recovery center for an inpatient rehab program may not fit your lifestyle and current responsibilities and commitments. Whether you have work, school, or family commitments, you might be looking for a substance abuse treatment program that is readily accessible no matter where you are.

At Recovery Unplugged, we understand the varying dynamics of each person’s life. We want to provide Nashville, TN residents with the ability to start an addiction therapy program when they are ready to start on their road to recovery. Nashville, TN residents can access the same evidence-based treatments offered within our recovery center from the comfort of their homes through online treatment.

To discover how our virtual addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 today.

What Is Virtual Addiction Treatment Like?

Nashville, TN residents participating in an online treatment program virtually will be invited to start on the traditional track of virtual therapy. Patients will be provided with individualized treatment plans centered around their specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. As you engage in individual therapy and group therapy sessions, you will be supported by addiction clinicians and medical support to ensure you safely overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. As you progress through your online treatment, you will be provided with virtual case management centered on patients creating self-identified goals for sobriety and addiction recovery. With the support of a sober coach, you will work towards achieving your goals for sobriety through life skills development, therapy sessions, and developing an aftercare program that will foster life in addiction recovery.

Is Virtual Rehab Effective?

Participating in a virtual drug or alcohol rehab program can be an effective addiction therapy and treatment method. It is vital for Nashville, TN residents who are starting on their virtual addiction recovery program to ensure that they are highly motivated and self-sufficient to be accountable for attending and participating in your addiction therapy sessions. It is also recommended that you check in with your loved ones to support you along the way and hold you accountable to your online treatment program.

As you participate in your online treatment, you will work with an addiction therapist and sober coach. They will support you with evidence-based treatments that will assist you in uncovering the root causes of your drug and alcohol addiction. As you address any emotions or traumas associated with your substance abuse, you will be able to begin to implement new lifestyle patterns and learn life skills and tools for relapse prevention that will keep you on the road to recovery.

Where to Find Virtual Addiction Treatment in Nashville

At Recovery Unplugged, we offer Nashville, TN residents addiction therapy programs suited to meet your individual needs for addiction recovery. We understand the need for a flexible approach to addiction treatment, which is why our virtual online treatment is designed to support you in your unique drug and alcohol addiction recovery goals. A virtual treatment is offered in a variety of formats. These include our traditional track, faith-based virtual therapy track, and mental health track that will support you in healing from your addictive behaviors while addressing any mental health issues. It also includes the dialectical behavioral therapy track that will help you change your negative thought and emotional patterns to ones that are conducive to your new life in sobriety. Contact Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 to hear more about the virtual therapy program offered and begin your path to sobriety now.