5 Ways Recovery Unplugged Integrates Music into Addiction Recovery

Important Tips for Cultivating and Maintaining Recovery

Welcome to recovery! Getting clean and sober is like getting another chance at life. As difficult as it can be to finally make that decision to put down the drugs and alcohol, the truly hard part is often staying clean and sober. It can seem difficult and scary at times, but as long as we don’t pick up, we can get through anything. There are many different paths to recovery. Below are some suggestions that have been proven to help many addicts and alcoholics live a happy and healthy life.

Meetings are Mandatory (Or at Least they Should Be)

One of the best ways to get to know other recovering people, stay connected, and learn about recovery, is to go to meetings, whether they’re 12-Step, SMART Recovery or whatever other kind of recovery paradigm you’ve chosen to embrace. It is suggested to go to a meeting every day. It is a great way to surround yourself with other healthy, like-minded people, and to make yourself some new friends and create a support network. Sharing what you’re going through at these meetings is also a great way to safely and comfortably talk about what you need to, whether it is positive or negative.

A lot of people understand and have been through what you may be going through. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help and support. It is also suggested to get a homegroup, which is a meeting you attend and become part of every week. At your homegroup, you are able to volunteer for a service commitment, and give back what was so freely given to you. Helping others is an amazing experience that allows you to practice selflessness, and it is very emotionally rewarding. Watching others grow in recovery is a gift that not everybody gets to experience.

Working the Steps? Get A Sponsor

If you’ve chosen the 12 Steps as your recovery route, it helps to have someone to help you on your path. A sponsor is someone who guides you through the 12 Steps and wants to help you grow. It is suggested to call your sponsor everyday. Once you’ve obtained a sponsor and built a relationship with them, you start your journey into the steps and that in itself is an amazing and transforming experience. Your opportunities in life are endless as long as you do the next right thing. You can accomplish anything you want to, as long as you put the work in and never give up.

PEOPLE, Places and Things

Another good recommendation is to make sure you surround yourself with positive influences and other people in recovery. We can make some of the best friendships upon coming into recovery and being our genuine selves. Remember to always put you and your recovery first. If you feel like a person or situation is toxic, it is absolutely okay to remove yourself.

We learn how to truly enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Our minds are no longer clouded by substances and we can rediscover the things we enjoy doing. Long story short, life is beautiful! Go out and enjoy it to the best of your ability! Being in recovery is an incredible gift, and gives us the opportunity to make our life what we want it to be. We can make our own choices today and no longer have to be controlled by a substance. Remember to have fun and never give up!