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How to Help

Do you have a friend or loved one you suspect is struggling with drug addiction? Have you seen physical and behavioral changes that make you think something is different? When faced with this situation, it can be a very helpless feeling, but there are some things you can do to help.

Most people assume the best route is to put the person in the car and take them to a rehab facility. Unfortunately, without personal initiative to get better, rehabilitation often does not work. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to approach that person, in love, and be honest. Depending on what you know about that person, they may respond better to a one-on-one situation. For others, a group of close family and friends will make them feel loved and accepted – providing a better chance for honesty.

When you have this meeting or “intervention,” give them a chance to speak. Initially, they may deny the addiction, which is normal, but assure them that you are approaching them purely because of your concern for their health. Make sure where and when you plan to meet will be comfortable for the person. Take some time before meeting with them to research rehabilitation facilities and recovery methods. After meeting, allow them to do their own exploration and make the decision to change on their own. If they would like, offer to bring a family counselor or set up a meeting for them to discuss their options for recovery.
Overall, this will be a process. Recovery is an ongoing process that doesn’t end for a family once they enter a rehabilitation facility.