Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center How To Get Through The Holidays Sober

How To Get Through The Holidays Sober

The holidays are full of joy but they can also be very difficult to get through while in recovery.  Holiday memories and events associated with alcohol or other drug use may tug at you.  This will can be tough because you may be away from your support network.  Don’t fret you can prepare!

  • Have a plan. By letting people know your plan you will be held accountable.
  • Have plenty of contact numbers on hand and use them.
  • Use your sponsor.
  • Avoid all using situations including alcohol, even if this was not your drug of choice. Seeing people under the influence is enough to trigger a relapse.
  • If you feel you need to be in a using situation; limit the time you spend there and bring a sober support. Have an escape plan; you will both leave without discussion if either says they are uncomfortable.

How does our staff get through the holidays?

Cassandra – “Pray.”

Chuck – “Taking some extra time for meditation.  Giving back always helps me remain grateful.”

Rob – “Exercising.”

David – “Hanging out with friends in the fellowship, keeping up with my family.”

Jeremy – “Continuing to do the things that have kept me clean, maintaining my routine is important.”

Isaac – “Staying close to my sponsor, hanging out with my support group every chance I get.”

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