Happy National Record Store Day from Recovery Unplugged

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Happy National Record Store Day from Recovery Unplugged

The Recovery Unplugged team would like to wish music lovers everywhere a happy National Record Store Day. We encourage all to support the local record shops in their community and throughout the country. As an organization that depends on music to enrich our patients’ recovery processes, and to improve their lives in general, we are beyond grateful that this phenomenon has grown to its current heights, and we look forward to it every year. We urge all to embrace this event and take an opportunity to listen to some of their favorite music whenever they have the time throughout the day.

Most of us who are lifelong music lovers spent hours at our nearest boutique record store growing up, and many of us still do. We would strain our lower backs thumbing through vinyl, cassettes, CDs and then vinyl again in order to find that treasured import that would make our months, if not our lives. Whether we were looking for a rare live recording that Miles Davis did in Europe or that Smiths B-side that was to be the final piece of our collection, the payoff was always the same: endless hours of entertainment with the added bonus of having something to hold over our friends’ heads. National Record Store Day has managed to recreate that feeling with many bands putting out limited-run releases to commemorate the occasion.

As much as music meant to all of us growing up, it has come to mean far more to the patients and alumni at Recovery Unplugged. It now represents a second chance, a cathartic release and a way to showcase their recovery journeys, from their scars to their successes. Happy hunting and be sure to fill your day, and your life, with music.

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