I Want Your Blood…But Only If It’s Clean

In my 1,311 years on this planet, I’ve lived and died through just about every public health crisis in its history: The Black Death, the Third Cholera Pandemic, the Great Flu, the World War I Typhus Outbreak and more. I only JUST missed the Plague of Justinian—and believe me, I’m grateful. Pardon the expression, but these epidemics “pale” in comparison to the United States drug addiction crisis that, just last year, killed over 72,000 Americans and is poised to send thousands more to an early crypt.

I know vampires and drug users seem to have a lot in common: the endless nights and sensitivity to light, the bizarre sleep patterns, the colorless and drawn faces, the obsessive need to feed their personal cravings, etc.; but on my thirstiest days, I never forgot how dangerous infected blood can be. If you think me or one of my “friends” appearing at your window at night is scary, try coming face to face with a strung out and desperate dealer when they’re looking for money at 3:30 in the morning and will do anything to get it. Unlike me, victims of fatal overdose aren’t “undead”, and they don’t get to wake up every night. If you or a loved one is dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, get help now.

Recovery Unplugged - Halloween Zombies

You and I Have A Lot in Common…and That’s A Bad Thing

Look, I get it…I know how it is to have your mind, your free will and your sanity robbed from you in the pursuit of your next fix; walking around aimlessly, attacking anyone and everything you can, looking only to feed your cravings—for me, it’s brains; for you, it’s drugs or alcohol. I had my brain hijacked just like you, but it’s too late for me to do anything about it. You’re lucky enough to have the antidote to this nightmare right in front of you. Addiction is a disease of the brain, something I know a little bit about, but the right treatment can help you start thinking clearly again and get your life back on track.

While I’m here eating brains (and trying to avoid fatal blows to mine) you can be reconnecting with your family, getting medical help for your cravings and withdrawal symptoms and actually gaining control over your thoughts and actions again. Besides, you’re going to need all of your wits about you to outrun my friends and I when feeding time comes around. We just love a compromised brain, even if it is affected by booze, pills, meth or coke. You may as well give yourself a fighting chance.

A different kind of monster

As a werewolf, I know what it’s like not to remember the things I did the night before, and to regret the things I DO remember. I also know what it’s like to foam at the mouth, tear at my clothes and physically assault anything or anyone who gets in my way. Sound familiar? The thing is, I really can’t do anything about it, but you can. I’m ruled by the full moon; you’re ruled by your withdrawal symptoms and cravings. If you’re tired of blacking out, tired of turning into a different kind of monster, tired of scaring everyone you love to death, get help now.

To be honest, I’m tired of trying to stalk the woods at night and seeing you in worse shape than I am, looking for pills, meth, coke or even that “last”, precious drink. If silver bullets weren’t so hard to come by, and I didn’t like the taste of deer and rabbit so much, I’d put myself out of my misery, so I didn’t have to witness your decline. You don’t need amulet to break the curse of addiction; all you need is to recognize you’re destroying yourself in a more painful and brutal way than I ever could.

Put Down the Candy and Get Help Now

This Halloween, Recovery Unplugged wants to remind you or your loved one that there is nothing scarier or more deadly than untreated drug or alcohol addiction. If you or someone you care about is battling substance use disorder, we’re ready to help you take your life back. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive music-based addiction treatment, including detox, behavioral rehab, long-term treatment, aftercare and more. We offer multiple facilities across the United States, as well as inpatient and outpatient care options. Don’t spend another Halloween, or one more minute, fighting a losing battle against addiction. Our admissions representatives are standing by to help you right now at 1 (855) 276-8910. Recovery Unplugged accepts most major insurances.

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