Attending National Recovery Month Events in Your Area

Finding National Recovery Month Events in Your Area

National Recovery Month 2018 is in full swing and communities all over the country are mobilizing to organize events and help spread the word. If you’re wondering how you can organize or attend National Recovery Month events in your area, the quickest way to get information is through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) website.

There is currently a robust national calendar of events starting today and continuing all throughout the month. The sheer breadth of schedule events indicates a renewed national commitment to combating addiction and celebrating recovery, and it’s highly probable that anyone who wishes to join the effort will be able to find an event local to them. The festivities began to day with a National Recovery Month Kick-Off Event that streamed live on the Department of Health and Human Services website to help those who can’t immediately get involved see what National Recovery Month is all about.

If you find yourself unable to physically attend any National Recovery Months events in your area, you can participate by supplementing your education about addiction and recovery through simple reading and other measures. SAMHSA provides a comprehensive repository of information related to this issue.

Why You Should Attend National Recovery Month Events in Your Area

Initiatives like National Recovery Month live and die by the level of support and engagement they receive from the masses. SAMHSA can provide the tools and resources we need to learn about addiction and organize and promote events; but it’s up to us to get up, hit the streets, do the work and keep this engagement alive. Whether you do it for the people in your life who is in recovery, the people you know who are actively abusing drugs or alcohol, or just for yourself, get out there and get involved.

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