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What Is an Addiction Therapist?

Substance abuse treatment includes several levels of care at Recovery Unplugged. As a unique organization that incorporates music therapy into all types of addiction treatment we offer, our staff of highly trained addiction therapists helps individuals begin their road to recovery in a way found nowhere else. Addiction therapy can include individual therapy, outpatient treatment, residential treatment, dual diagnosis care plans, and many other custom-tailored programs for you or one of your loved ones. No one should go through their addiction struggle, and we are dedicated to providing the addiction therapy you need in the substance abuse treatment environment that works best for you.

As more and more studies and research have been conducted over the past many decades, the connection between mental health issues and a substance abuse disorder has become firmly established. When an individual has an alcohol and drug abuse problem, there is often a vicious cycle involving one or more mental health issues, where one issue a person is struggling with feeds the other. For example, a person may have developed an alcohol addiction as they attempted to deal with depression, causing both problems to worsen. When a person has both mental health issues and struggles with a substance abuse disorder, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis and must be handled in a very specific way to ensure all of the needs of the patient are met.

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Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment

There are many levels of care for treating an abuse disorder at Recovery Unplugged. We have both group and individual therapy options in our programs. Family therapy is also available, which can significantly benefit loved ones. Our client’s substance abuse treatment plans are fully customized, whether they choose outpatient treatment or a residential addiction therapy program. Our outpatient treatment options include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a Partial Hospitalization Plan (PHP). Both of these levels of care are an excellent segue between residential treatment and traditional outpatient addiction therapy.

In-Person Options for Addiction Therapy in Lake Worth

Drug and alcohol rehab at our residential treatment facility in Lake Worth is highly recommended for anyone struggling with substance use disorders. Inpatient treatment allows the client and their addiction therapy treatment specialists to focus 100% on getting on the right track regarding recovery. Once someone has completed a residential treatment program, if they still need a high level of addiction treatment care, they can take part in an IOP or PHP. These addiction therapy programs provide more addiction therapy sessions than typical outpatient treatment and also allow the patient to go about many of their everyday activities.

Virtual Addiction Therapy

Virtual treatment of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and many other substance issues is available and has become very popular, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual addiction therapy allows patients to be seen by alcohol and drug counselors on a flexible schedule that works for them.

Find an Addiction Therapist in Lake Worth and Beyond at Recovery Unplugged

Addiction therapy at Recovery Unplugged is an excellent choice for anyone struggling with substance use disorders in the Lake Worth area. If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with alcohol addiction, drug abuse, a personality disorder, or any other mental health issues and substance abuse disorder, please call us at Recovery Unplugged. Even if you have tried addiction therapy before, our specialized music-oriented substance abuse treatment may be just what you need. Call us at 561-431-9177 today to access effective treatment with an addiction therapist in Lake Worth. We’re here and ready to help.