Recovery Unplugged prides itself on being the first and only fully music-focused addiction treatment organization in the world. With success rates well above the national average, we have successfully leveraged the innate healing powers of music to help patients break down emotional barriers and safely address the origins and sustaining factors of their substance use.


Clients are treated to a weekly live performance by our Director of Creative Recovery Richie Supa along with special musical guests and, in some cases, clients who wish to showcase their very own completed musical works and renditions of their favorite cover songs. The process helps to foster support, collaboration, engagement and positive emotional experience and artistic expression. Songs performed at Feel-Good Friday very often feature intense emotional subject matter that is meant to resonate with patients and help them think about conflict and redemption. Treatment can be an emotionally taxing process; Feel-Good Friday is a leisurely yet productive way to end a week of often-intense behavioral rehab.

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Richie leads our Feel-Good Friday sessions and is fully mindful of the healing power of music to help people overcome substance use. He is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and Director of Creative Recovery at Recovery Unplugged. With over 27 years in addiction recovery and an unparalleled music career that has taken him all over the world and produced a slew of hits, Richie uses his life experience, musical talent and perspective to inspire our clients to heal through music. Despite his superlative songwriting and production career, Richie considers his nearly three decades in recovery his greatest personal accomplishment to date.

Artists who have recorded Richie’s songs include Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Mika, Pink, Jonny Winter, Levon Helm, Tom Jones, Air Supply, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson and many more. Richie’s songs have appeared in Disney movies, feature films and on network television. He co-wrote several number-one rock hits, including “Back on Earth” (performed and recorded by Ozzy Osbourne); “Misery” (performed and recorded by Pink and Steven Tyler) and “Amazing” and “Pink” (performed and recorded by Aerosmith). Richie is the driving force behind Feel-Good Friday and brings an unmatched energy to the process that our clients truly appreciate.


Exercises like Feel-Good Friday provide multiple therapeutic benefits. It is an extension of our musical medicine approach designed to heal the mind, body and spirit. Clients experience tremendous emotional release during the live performances and are able to safely and comfortably reflect on how the message of the music relates to their own lives and experiences. The community environment gives clients a sense of added support and the guided listening from Richie helps them better understand the overall message and purpose of the process. Think about the profound joy you feel when you go see one of your favorite bands play…now turn that experience up to 11.

A cornerstone of our musical medicine approach to addiction treatment is our weekly Feel-Good Friday group therapy sessions. Feel-Good Friday allows patients to connect with music in a collaborative concert-like setting in which clients are treated to live performances by special guests and our very own award-winning musical staff.

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