Faith-Based Rehab Near Me in Lake Worth

Faith-Based Rehab Near Me in Lake Worth

What Is Faith-Based Rehab?

A faith-based rehab is an addiction treatment program that utilizes evidence-based therapy approaches while incorporating Christian-based faith components into your addiction treatment. It is not uncommon for addiction treatment centers to have faith-based guidance, as many treatment programs will have elements of 12-step programs centered around a belief in a higher power. At Recovery Unplugged, we offer Lake Worth residents an addiction treatment program that fosters healing and personal growth by supporting healing within your body, mind, and spirit. 

To discover how the addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 561-431-9177 today. 

Benefits of Having a Spiritual Foundation for Addiction Recovery

Anytime someone with a substance use disorder begins considering taking the courageous step towards getting help through an alcohol or drug rehab program, it is always a good, healthy choice. Many benefits can be had that will help foster change and healing into a life of addiction recovery. Engaging in a faith-based treatment program will provide Lake Worth residents with the following benefits:

  • Restored beliefs and values that align with your Christian faith: Many individuals in active drug or alcohol addiction will lose sight of the core values and beliefs that make up who you are. A faith-based rehab will help you reestablish your sense of self again.
  • Find your purpose in life: Individuals who have a profound faith in something bigger than yourself significantly impact the value you feel in your life and provide you with guidelines and expectations that you follow aligned with your beliefs.
  • Heal within a treatment center that supports connecting with your spirituality and faith: A faith-based rehab will encourage patients to engage in rituals, ceremonies, and traditional activities such as going to church that will help them establish their faith again and develop new coping skills and strategies that lean on their beliefs when they experience any triggers or hardships. 
  • Connect with other like-minded patients: A faith-based rehab will support you in making connections with other patients who share the same goals of healing from drug or alcohol addiction and connecting with your higher power or God. Patients can connect spiritually, emotionally, and mentally leading to long-lasting support from one another to enhance their success in addiction recovery. 

How to Find a Faith-Based Rehab Near Me in Lake Worth

Lake Worth residents searching for a faith-based rehab will want to find a treatment center that honors their core beliefs and need for spiritual connection to heal. Your drug and alcohol addiction is unique to you and began with your specific circumstances of emotional turmoil and traumas, and that is why there is no one-size-fits-all addiction treatment method

Addiction treatment needs to be centered around your individual goals and needs for healing, including providing you with the levels of care you need to heal from substance use disorders successfully. Lake Worth residents choose Recovery Unplugged for the unique approach to addiction treatment, including the emphasis placed on connecting with your spirituality and faith in God. 

What Faith-Based Rehab Offers

A faith-based recovery program will offer similar addiction treatment methods as a standard inpatient rehab program, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy 
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Music therapy 
  • 12-step programs, including narcotics anonymous or alcoholics anonymous 

A treatment center that focuses on the Christian faith and other spiritual beliefs will also provide patients with the following healing benefits and opportunities: 

  • Attending church services if requested 
  • Therapy sessions that include scripture recitation 
  • Engagement and incorporation of spiritual music throughout your treatment program 
  • Connect scripture and stories to your personal experiences to allow patients to relate and find empowerment for change through bible scriptures 

Faith-Based Rehab at Recovery Unplugged in Lake Worth

Recovery Unplugged offers Lake Worth residents an addiction treatment program that will support them and their loved ones to heal from the impacts of drug and alcohol addiction through a comprehensive treatment program. Our team is dedicated to your success in addiction recovery and provides patients with various levels of care that will meet your needs throughout your recovery process. Our treatment center provides patients with a unique opportunity to heal with the support of God or a higher power alongside our leading addiction therapy methods. Contact our compassionate team at 561-431-9177 to get started on your road to recovery today and heal from your past addiction with our team and your higher power by your side throughout your treatment journey.