Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Face The Music Day

Face The Music Day

We at Recovery Unplugged have something to celebrate today.  As you know, we are all excited about sponsoring the Face the Music Family Day but March 8 isn’t just about the Family Day anymore.

According to Wikipedia in English law, a proclamation is a formal announcement (“royal proclamation“), made under the great seal, of some matter which the King in Council or Queen in Council desires to make known to his or her subjects :e.g., the declaration of war, or state of emergency, the statement of neutrality, the summoning or dissolution of Parliament, or the bringing into operation of the provisions of some statute the enforcement of which the legislature has left to the discretion of the king in the announcement.

Yes from now on March 8, will be forever known as Face the Music Day in the town of Davie:

WHEREAS, In the United States, alcohol and other drugs claim more than 135,000 lives annually, 370 people daily, 15 every hour; and

WHEREAS, each loss of a family member is heartbreaking, and in our State of Florida families are being torn apart by the disease of addiction, and that is a cry for help and a signal to all Floridians to pray for our families and for the health of our future; and

WHEREAS, Florida’s treatment centers, hospitals, schools, EMTs, healthcare professionals and government agencies, work together to help find ways to assist those in need; and

WHEREAS, Florida’s clinicians, health care providers and treatment centers do not hesitate to go to any length in order to save the lives of those in need, and their commitment to continued training, skill enhancement, and inter-agency coordination make them vital members of every Florida community; and

WHEREAS, acts of kindness and appreciation from citizens for those who provide the necessary care and time needed to help addicts in their recovery with needed encouragement and support to confront the dangerous and uncertain situations they face every day; and

WHEREAS, Rick Scott, Governor of the State of Florida, has officially proclaimed March 8,2015 as Florida Face the Music Day, and encouraged all Floridians to take time out of their day to show addiction health care professionals and their families how much we value their service to our cities, counties, and state. Florida Face the Music Day will be an opportunity for Florida leaders at every level to demonstrate appreciation for all men and women who protect and serve our state as healers and those that save lives of Floridians affected by the disease of addiction.

NOW, THEREFORE BE It PROCLAIMED that the Mayor and Town Council of the Town of Davie do hereby proclaim March 8, 2015 as Florida Face the Music Day in the Town of Davie, Florida and encourage residents to say, thank you for the work being done in the area of prevention and awareness of the growing epidemic of addiction.

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