online AA meetings in Northern Virginia

Everything You Need To Know About Online AA meetings in Northern Virginia

Everything You Need to Know About Online AA meetings in Northern Virginia

Living sober can sometimes be tougher than expected, especially if you’re tired of fighting Northern Virginia traffic or the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near you are inconvenient or don’t work for you. Fortunately, there is a solution that works whose primary purpose is to stay sober: an online AA meeting.

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Finding Online AA Meetings in Northern Virginia

You may be wondering if there are AA Zoom meetings near you. The beauty of twelve-step online programs is that you can join a virtual AA meeting anytime, anywhere. It might be late night in northern Virginia, but that could be an evening on the west coast or morning somewhere else in the world.

You might also want to be sure that Alcoholics Anonymous Zoom meetings give you the same support as an in-person meeting. The experience strength and hope of peers play a big part in sobriety, and you’ll be able to get the same support and carry the message whether you’re in a Zoom virtual meeting or in person. Meeting guides are available online; a quick search will pull up a list of AA and NA meetings for you. You might also consider getting a free meeting guide app so you can search quickly on your smartphone.

Whatever style you’re looking for, when you pull up a meeting guide app you can probably find a northern Virginia virtual AA or NA meeting that suits your needs: book study, 11th step, morning meeting, speaker meeting, closed discussion group, beginner meeting, and many more. If you are in another program based on the twelve steps, you can also find virtual NA and AlAnon meetings too.

What to Expect During An Online AA Meeting

As you know, twelve-step meetings are agreed upon by the group conscience, and that’s the case for your Zoom meetings too. Experience strength and hope can be expressed just as well online as they can in person in northern Virginia. In an online step study, beginner meeting closed discussion group (or any other virtual Alcoholics Anonymous gathering), you may be asked to mute yourself while the speaker or others are sharing. In a book study, you may read from your own Alcoholics Anonymous book, or the passage might be posted in the online meeting to help everyone carry the message.

If you’re asking yourself, can I do online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? The answer is yes – as long as you can join a Zoom virtual meeting, you can live sober.

online AA meetings in Northern Virginia

Virtual Addiction Programs in Northern Virginia

Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs centered around the twelve steps are known to support addicts in recovery and promote relapse prevention. However, you might feel like you need more than step meetings, another speaker meeting, or a morning meeting. Additional addiction programs run in Zoom meetings can support your primary purpose: stop drinking and drugging. While traditional inpatient rehab is a solution for many who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, it’s not right for everyone.

Outpatient treatment is another solution, but when you live in an area like northern Virginia, you might have a hard time actually attending your recovery program and following the treatment plan. That’s why online therapy works for many people because strength and hope can be found anywhere. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work or not having the privacy you need to be in the sunlight of the spirit.

Online Resources for Addiction at Recovery Unplugged

In addition to levels of care including medical detox, behavioral health therapy, and individual and group counseling, Recovery Unplugged includes music-assisted therapy to help addicts connect with the music they enjoy and draw strength for living sober. Addiction treatment aftercare is also included because relapse prevention is key to lasting recovery from addiction. If you are a traveling professional, college student, the parent or head of household, immunocompromised or concerned about infection, a virtual treatment program could be the solution you’re looking for. Our primary purpose is to help you get and stay sober. Although we are not Alcoholics Anonymous, we still help carry the message and can be used in conjunction with your 12-step programs (or alone.) Call Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 to learn more today.