Florida Alcohol Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

Drinking and Spring Break: When to Seek Florida Alcohol Treatment

The need for Florida alcohol treatment is especially urgent during Spring Break. The events of this year’s Miami Beach Spring Break have already reinforced how crazy this time of year can get, even during normal times, when people aren’t chomping at the bit to let loose and bust out. Just a little over 30 miles to the north, officials in Fort Lauderdale are bracing for similar chaos, especially when alcohol is flowing more freely than practically any other time of year in the area. Spring Break and alcohol abuse in Fort Lauderdale have always had a close and toxic relationship. There are thousands of stories about people came down to Fort Lauderdale, drank too much, woke up somewhere strange, got sicker than they’ve ever been, said something they couldn’t take back or  experienced any number of other unpleasant events. If you or your loved one find that your drinking has gotten out of control, whether it’s during Spring Break or any other time, it might be the perfect time to consider a Fort Lauderdale alcohol treatment center.

When Should I Seek Florida Alcohol Treatment?

The revelation that you need alcohol rehab can come out of nowhere. Alcohol treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale, and everywhere else in the country, are filled with people who never knew they had a problem until something catastrophic happened, like a serious car crash, a hefty legal charge, job loss, family dysfunction or a serious medical diagnosis. You may want to leave the Spring Break party early and seek quality nearby Florida alcohol treatment if:

  • You black out and wake up not knowing where you are and how you got there.
  • You want to stop drinking but can’t seem to pull yourself away from booze.
  • You find yourself hiding how much you’re drinking because you don’t want people to find out.
  • You get in a car and drive after having too many drinks.
  • You end up in lock-up because of your behavior while you were drinking.

Other signs you’re drinking too much may include frequent hangovers, drinking more or longer than you wanted and developing a tolerance to alcohol. While you may be quick to chalk up your drinking to isolated Spring Break partying, the minute you’re no longer in control of your drinking is the minute that it has control of you. At this point, it’s best to seek treatment from a qualified, reputable alcohol rehab facility. Don’t let your alcohol consumption get the better of you.

Symptoms and Side Effects of a Hangover

One of the most glaring indicators of the need for alcohol addiction treatment is frequent and persistent hangover, common symptoms of which include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Sensitivity Light
  • Incoherency
  • Slurred Speech
  • Thirst and Dry Mouth

There’s nothing quite like a hangover to ruin Spring Break, and if you find that your “vacation” turns out to be a series of sleepless nights and painful mornings, it’s time to get help. The longer your drinking persists, the worst these hangovers and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are likely to get. The right alcohol treatment program can provide safe, discreet and comfortable detox and withdrawal symptom management.

Advantages of Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Treatment

Even if you’re just visiting for Spring Break and find yourself in need of treatment, Fort Lauderdale can be the perfect venue to get it. It offers quality treatment centers, a warm and inviting climate, beautiful scenery and much more. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive Florida alcohol care at our alcohol treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale and Lake Worth. Our Florida alcohol detox center in Lake worth provides round-the-clock monitoring and care of withdrawal symptoms by our compassionate and qualified doctors and nurses. At our alcohol rehab center in Fort Lauderdale, you will receive comprehensive behavioral therapy to address the root causes and triggers associated with our alcohol abuse.

Recovery Unplugged has seen, first-hand, how much the Spring Break alcohol abuse culture in Florida can impact people’s lives. All it takes is one instance for things to get out of control; and all it takes is one time to get a second chance with Florida alcohol rehab, detox and treatment.

Avoiding Relapse from Alcohol Addiction during Your Spring Break Getaway

If you’ve already been to alcohol rehab in Florida, you may already know how much of a trigger Spring Break can be for people who are in recovery. If you or someone you care about is in recovery from alcohol addiction, but you still want to be part of Fort Lauderdale Spring Break 2021, here are some tips to “Spring Break Sober”:

  • Bring A Friend Who Can Provide Support and Accountability
  • Stay Away from Bars as Much as Possible (There’s Plenty of Beach!)
  • Keep Your Sponsor on Speed-Dial
  • Attend Virtual Zoom Meetings with Your Support Group
  • Make Sure You Have an Escape Plan When You Get Overwhelmed at Parties
  • Find Places That Offer Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Remember the Coping Mechanisms Your Learned in Treatment

Don’t Become Another Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Statistic

Data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that 44 percent of college girls and 75 percent of college guys get drunk on a daily basis during Spring Break. They also report that over 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related circumstances each academic year. Often, the only thing separating tragedy from second chance is the recognition of a problem and the willingness to seek treatment. Get yourself or your loved one the help you need before it’s too late. There’s no shame in asking for help, and the longer you wait to get it, the worse your drinking will become.

What may seem like harmless Spring Break partying can very well be an indicator of a serious alcohol abuse issue. Let Recovery Unplugged provide you or your loved one quality, compassionate and discreet Florida alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale or Lake Worth, depending upon what level of care you need and where you are located. We are in-network with over 70 percent of major insurance providers and provide all levels within of treatment, including outpatient and residential. Stop your drinking and start your treatment today. Our admissions representatives are standing by to conduct a full insurance verification and guide you toward treatment. Call now.