Online Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Virginia

Does Virginia Insurance Cover Online Therapy for Alcohol Addiction?

Treating Alcohol Addiction With Online Therapy

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol use disorder, you may be feeling stuck and not sure where to turn to get help. You might not want to try residential treatment because you’re worried about keeping your job or how your family will cope. Online outpatient addiction treatments for drug or alcohol issues could be the right solution for you – and it doesn’t have to cost you your life savings either.

Virtual outpatient addiction treatment is a great resource for those who don’t think they would benefit from an inpatient residential program. Traveling professionals, parents and heads of households, college students, those with social phobias, and anyone who’s immunocompromised or worried about infections can now access the individual counseling they need from the convenience of their own laptop or smartphone.

You or your loved one will benefit from the same standard care levels in traditional rehab centers. In addition to group therapy that’s been shown to improve the outcomes for relapse prevention and lasting recovery, you receive individual counseling, which can help address co-occurring mental health issues, peer counseling, and the same dedicated team including doctors, nurses, and licensed professionals that you’d find in a recovery center. Music-assisted therapy is an additional approach that can help anyone with drug or alcohol abuse disorders improve their sobriety journey. An evidence-based intensive outpatient rehab program will support your recovery plan for alcohol use disorders just as well as rehab centers do.

Benefits of Online Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Virginia

For those suffering from alcohol abuse, it’s often hard to make and keep appointments when you have to deal with northern Virginia traffic and still have a job or schooling that you don’t want to lose. You or your loved one may be concerned about how the family would cope if you attended an inpatient rehab and whether you’d be penalized for taking too much time off work. Intensive outpatient treatment programs for alcohol use disorders can be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you so that you can receive the behavioral therapy you need (and deserve) for long-term recovery.

Virtual outpatient addiction treatments with Recovery Unplugged mean no more excuses for alcohol use disorders. Your discretion and privacy are assured when you take advantage of online treatment programs because you can access them from any safe place you like.

Online Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Virginia

Paying for Online Therapy for Alcohol Addiction in Virginia

Insurance companies cover treatment centers for alcohol abuse disorder and substance abuse counseling for your struggles with alcohol. The same levels of care as in a residential treatment setting or physical outpatient recovery plan are paid for by your insurance company when you attend a virtual outpatient program. Recovery Unplugged accepts plans from many major carriers if your medical insurance provider covers alcohol treatment in northern Virginia.

Online Therapy Programs for Addiction at Recovery Unplugged

In Virginia, you can benefit from the virtual outpatient program with Recovery Unplugged. Treatment approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral health therapy, and innovative treatment plans known as music-assisted therapy, which uses the power of music to help addicts achieve lasting recovery. The clinical care team is LGBTQ+ friendly and works with your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as appropriate.

You might feel stuck in your addiction if you’re suffering from substance use disorder. You may also feel like your busy schedule or “crazy” life is preventing you from reaching your goal of long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. But you don’t have to stay stuck because online addiction counseling can help you move forward with your life the way you want to live it. Call our addiction treatment experts at (800) 557-3422 to learn more today.