Methadone Detox

If you’ve fallen into methadone addiction while trying to get clean from other opioids, detox is the first step back to freedom and total health. Call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start your methadone detox.

Overcome Methadone Addiction Now

Methadone has proven to be a significantly helpful resource in the treatment of heroin abuse; unfortunately, it has also proven to be an addiction problem in and of itself. As methadone use became more and more common in clinical treatment, doctors and treatment providers found that more and more patients were simply replacing one addiction for another while they were getting hooked on methadone. As a result, the need for quality and comprehensive methadone detox was established. Methadone detox helps patients purge their bodies of methadone-related chemicals so they can achieve lasting biological independence from this drug. It is the first step in the methadone treatment process.

The Methadone Detox Process

Methadone detox patients who enlist professional help have the benefit of experienced and compassionate withdrawal symptom relief. The professionals at Recovery Unplugged are trained to monitor and treat withdrawal from every type of drug, including methadone. Professional detox also provides a sterile, safe and supportive environment during this admittedly difficult process. Methadone detox can be a game-changing resource in your battle against this potent and powerful drug. It can very well mean the difference between endless relapse and definitive long-term recovery. Call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start healing from methadone now. You don’t have to battle this addiction on your own anymore.

Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms

The exact symptoms experienced during methadone withdrawal will vary based on individual experience (substance use history, other addictions, length of abuse, etc.). Some of the more common symptoms experienced during methadone detox include:

• Fatigue and Flu-Like Symptoms
• Mild to Severe Muscle and Joint Pain
• Intestinal Distress (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Etc.)
• Headache and Migraine
• Extreme Fluctuations in Body Temperature

Other effects can include respiratory problems, constipation, accelerated heart rate, hallucinations, depression and anxiety and more. The cruel irony of methadone is that its withdrawal symptoms actually mirror those of heroin withdrawal, the very drug it is meant to treat. Methadone detox requires experienced professional help from a trained clinical professional.

Methadone Detox at Recovery Unplugged

Methadone detox clients at Recovery Unplugged have the benefit of trained doctors and nurses to help them manage their acute withdrawal and our warm and inviting facility provides a comfortable healing environment. It’s important to realize that patients are perhaps the most vulnerable they’ll ever be during the detox process and we do everything we can to make the process safer and more comfortable After patients leave clinical detox, patients will often experience withdrawal symptoms for months, and may require a different type of management therapy that doesn’t require taking any medications.

Recovery Unplugged understands the unique and specialized needs of methadone detox patients and we do everything we can to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible We are proud to help clients all over the country help overcome the worst of their withdrawal symptoms for good, so they can live independently and pain-free in recovery. You don’t have to be held hostage by your methadone withdrawal symptoms. Recovery Unplugged is here to help you move past your addiction.

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