Alcohol Detox

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Compassionate and Effective Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Prolonged and untreated alcohol abuse can permanently alter the brain’s chemistry and make patients crave alcohol to the detriment of anything else in their lives, including their careers, families and romantic relationships. It can also lead to permanent physical harm, such as heart disease or liver failure. Alcohol abuse requires detox as the first part of the treatment process. Alcohol detox helps patients purge the chemicals in their system that have built up from excessive drinking. Recovery Unplugged offers safe, discreet, compassionate Florida alcohol detox in Lake Worth to help you or your loved one get clean once and for all.

When “Will Power” Isn’t Enough

It’s important to recognize that alcohol dependency is a bona fide medical issue, the same as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything else. It is not likely to go away without the help of a professional. It’s common for people to forget just how much damage alcohol can inflict because of its legal availability. It’s also common to think that they can detox on their own without any professional help. Most individuals suffering from serious alcoholism wind up relapsing after they try to quit “cold turkey”’; the reason for this is that they don’t have access to proper withdrawal management and wind up succumbing to their symptoms.

The Alcohol Detox Process

At its core, alcohol detox is the process by which patients expel addiction-related chemicals from their bodies. The exact duration of this process will depend upon patients’ progress, but will usually last an average of three days to a week. Alcohol detox will always include some level of withdrawal, which will vary based on the scope and duration of their abuse. Although each patient’s withdrawal period will be different, some of the more common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

• Tremors and Shaking
• Excessive Perspiration
• Mild to Severe Anxiety
• Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
• Headache and Sensitivity to Light
• Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Some of the more severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include seizures, delirium tremens (DTs) and organ malfunction. It’s imperative that the withdrawal process be managed by an experienced and qualified detox-trained physician.

Part of A Balanced Treatment Program

After alcohol addiction patients are stabilized through detox, they should undergo comprehensive rehab and behavior modification where they can learn to manage their alcoholism on a daily basis. This process includes counseling, aftercare and logistical support to help them get their lives back on track. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with safe and effective alcohol detox. Call us at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to end the destructive cycle of drinking.

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