D-Day’s 75th Anniversary and the Parallels between War and Addiction

Recovery Unplugged Observes D-Day's 75th Anniversary

Exactly 75 years ago today, American and allied soldiers made their way onto the beaches of Normandy into enemy territory to fight what was to be one of World War II’s pivotal battles. While the D-Day invasion laid the groundwork for the liberation of Nazi-occupied France, and is recorded as a decisive allied victory, many surviving soldiers wore the scars of combat-related trauma forever after, often self-medicating with alcohol and other drugs to dull the emotional pain. As they endeavored to make their way in the world, establish careers and raise families, many were consistently haunted by the images, sounds and experiences of the day.

Today Recovery Unplugged pays our deepest and most profound recognition to those who gave their lives on D-Day, the survivors who so dutifully acted as custodians of its legacy despite their ongoing emotional trauma, and all those who continue to wage their own private wars with drug and alcohol addiction. The parallels between war and addiction are often hard to ignore, and if you’re a soldier or civilian who has been impacted by the chemical warfare of substance use disorder, Recovery Unplugged encourages you to get the help you need today. This is one battle you don’t have to fight alone.