Synthetic Drug Addiction

A Dangerous and Unpredictable Class of Drugs

Synthetic drugs represent one of the fastest-growing and lethal categories of drugs in the United States. They are drugs that are made using manmade chemicals rather than natural ingredients. These drugs are commonly mistaken to produce a comparatively safe high, which leads many users, particularly teenagers and young adults, to use them to enhance social experiences. The reality is that these are some of the most unpredictable and potentially lethal substances that a person could put in their body. It’s virtually impossible to tell what impact they’ll have on individual biology and neurochemistry. Synthetic drugs are common at music festivals, club shows and regular parties.
The reality is that you never really know what kind of experience you’re going to have when you take synthetic drugs, or if you’ll be able to come back from it. Don’t risk your life in the ignorant and ill-advised pursuit of “fun”. Recovery Unplugged has helped thousands of patients overcome synthetic-drug addiction and abuse, and we’re ready to do the same for you or your loved one. Call us today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start treatment and get peace of mind.

Types of Synthetic Drugs

There are more and more formulations of synthetic drugs flooding American borders every year. There are a select few, however, that have severely impacted the United States population, including but not limited to:

• Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth)
• Ecstasy (MDMA) also known as “Molly”
• K2 or Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)
• Bath Salts (Synthetic Stimulants)

One of the more problematic elements of controlling synthetic drug addiction is the slow regulatory process in making these drugs illegal. As soon as scientists identify the dangers of these drugs and lawmakers get around to outlawing them, international manufacturers change one inconsequential compound and start flooding American markets all over again.

Dangers of Synthetic Drug Addiction

Synthetic drugs can literally hijack the brain and send user’s into states of paranoid psychosis. They can also significantly spike heart rate and blood pressure to the point of fatality. In addition to the profound and dangerous psychological and physical risks, they can also completely hijack users’ decision-making and lead to dangerous and potentially fatal situations. There have been well-documented incidents of people who are high on synthetic drugs doing things like jumping off bridges, attacking people, fatally engaging law enforcement and more. Other well-publicized examples include overdoses at music festivals and in nightclubs. The contents of these drugs vary greatly from batch to batch which makes them completely unpredictable in their effects.

Treating Synthetic Drug Addiction

While many view music as catalyst for engaging in synthetic drug abuse, Recovery Unplugged uses music to treat it. We offer comprehensive treatment, including detox, rehab, ongoing monitoring, aftercare and more. We also offer intervention services for those who are reluctant to get treatment because they see their drug use as normal and not problematic. Don’t spend another night worrying about our friend or loved one…or gambling with your own life. If you or someone you care about is engaging in synthetic-drug abuse, call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB. We accept most insurances and offer multiple treatment options to meet your care needs and lifestyle.

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