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Opioid Rehab

Opioid Rehab: The Journey to Long-Term Recovery

Opioids were responsible for a majority of the more than 63,000 drug-related deaths that took occurred in 2016, and they continue to impact the health and quality of life of individuals and families all over the country. These drugs have a devastating effect on physical and emotional health, as well as quality of life. In addition to medically supervised detox and withdrawal management, patients need comprehensive opioid rehab to help them achieve long-term recovery and reclaim their lives. Recovery Unplugged is committed to providing comprehensive opioid rehab for patients through our innovative, music-based care approach. Don’t let opioids compromise your mental health. Call us today at (855) 784-3577 to start writing your recovery song.

The Importance of Opioid Rehab

Each user’s journey to opioid addiction is unique. Some become ensnared by the disease because of an unhealthy curiosity; others start taking prescription painkillers for a legitimate medical disease and find themselves taking the drugs at higher doses and at more frequent intervals; others graduate to heroin from other non-opioid drugs. Regardless of the origins of a person’s opioid addiction, they need customized rehab and behavioral therapy to addresses their specific origins, lifestyle factors and ongoing clinical needs. The opioid rehab process helps patients address the root causes of their addictions and address any co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.


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The Opioid Rehab Experience

During opioid rehab, patients undergo a customized course of behavioral therapy to help them address the psychological aspects of their opioid addiction. The process is designed to help patients live independently in everyday life without the threat of relapse. Patients work with their treatment specialists and mental health professionals to develop coping strategies to avoid relapse in high-pressure situations. This is accomplished through group therapy, individualized counseling and a series of supplemental therapies that are appropriate to their ongoing care needs. Recovery Unplugged offers innovative music-based opioid rehab for adult men and women struggling with this devastating and addictive disease.

Different Types of Opioid Rehab

Different Types of Opioid Rehab

Each patient’s opioid rehab needs will vary based upon the scope and severity of their substance use history. There are a variety of opioid rehab options designed to fit each patient’s lifestyle, including inpatient (residential), outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP), long-term and more. For patients suffering from long-term opioid addiction, inpatient rehab is often the best option. The physical and psychological aspects of the disease often require patients to remove themselves from the toxic circumstances that led to and sustained their substance abuse. It’s unrealistic, however, for many patients to take time away from their careers and families to get treatment. Intensive outpatient programs offer an in-depth level of care while allowing patients to maintain their everyday lives.

Opioid Rehab at Recovery Unplugged

Blending traditional opioid rehab modalities like group therapy, individualized counseling and customized aftercare with cutting-edge music-based therapies like songwriting, music production, live performance and music appreciation, Recovery Unplugged offers quality and comprehensive opioid rehab at multiple locations throughout the country. Our experienced doctors, nurses and mental health professionals work in close collaboration with our songwriters and creative professionals to give patients a well-rounded recovery experience. We offer inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient and long-term options to meet each patient’s care needs and lifestyle. Patients leave with a customized aftercare plan that includes referral information to addiction-trained therapists and local recovery meetings in their area. As hard and bleak as opioid addiction may seem, there’s a way out and a path to a better tomorrow. Call Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 784-3577 to start writing your recovery song and taking your life back from opioid addiction.

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