Heroin Addiction

There are few predicaments more desperate than heroin addiction. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you or your loved one overcome your dependency on this deadly drug.

The Unparalleled Cost of Heroin Addiction

Take a look around and ask yourself what heroin addiction has cost you or your loved one. If you’re like most people, the answer to this question will be “everything and more”. Sufferers of heroin addiction very quickly have every aspect of their lives ripped apart by this drug, including their health, their financial stability, their relationships and their overall dignity and quality of life. There isn’t a single area of life that heroin allows users to control, including how they feel every minute of the day.

If you're trapped in an endless cycle of heroin withdrawal and relapse, Recovery Unplugged is waiting to help you replace the heroin needle with a turntable needle and start your recovery journey. Call us now at 1 (800) 55-REHAB. No more sleepless nights, no more collapsed veins, no more indignity, no more debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Get the help you need now before it’s too late.

Effects of Heroin Addiction

Heroin causes significant and pervasive damage to the brain and body. It is one of the most addictive and potent narcotics, and quickly alters the brain’s chemistry, rewiring it to constantly crave the drug. As long-term heroin abuse persists, users leave themselves vulnerable to a variety of permanent physical and emotional dangers, such as deterioration of brain matter, muscle and bone pain, extreme weight loss, insomnia, hallucinations, intestinal distress, heart attack, psychosis, extreme fluctuations in body temperature, fever and flu-like symptoms, seizures, coma and overdose.

These symptoms will increase and get more severe the longer heroin abuse is allowed to continue. It is critically important that users seek treatment immediately after experiencing any signs of withdrawal to prevent the onset of dependency.

What Does Heroin Addiction Look Like?

Heroin addiction is among the most time-sensitive of substance use disorders. Not only does heroin render users addicted in a very short time (often after one or two cycles of use), but each time you or your loved one uses heroin, it could be your last. For this reason, it is critical to recognize the common signs and symptoms of heroin addiction as soon as possible to prevent the onset of further abuse. While each user’s heroin addiction symptoms will vary, some of the more common include:

• Extreme Weight Loss
• Sunken Eyes
• Pale and Discolored Skin
• Skin Issues (Breakouts and Track Marks)
• Increased Isolation
• Changes in Sleep Patterns
• High-Risk Behavior or Legal Issues Associated with Heroin

Loved ones of heroin addicts are uniquely empowered to identify and address these issues, so it’s important to be on the lookout if you suspect your friend or family member is using.

You Have What It Takes to Overcome Heroin

No matter where your heroin addiction has taken you, it’s never too late to take the first step toward recovery and a more stable tomorrow. Recovery Unplugged has helped thousands of patients in the most desperate and hopeless of circumstances reach through the teeth of heroin addiction and reclaim their health, dignity and lives. As hopeless and out of control as life seems right now, you have the power to turn it all around. We offer a variety of treatment options, including inpatient and outpatient care, and work with most insurance companies to make treatment more affordable and accessible. Start fighting back today. Call Recovery Unplugged now at 1 (800) 55-REHAB.

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