Christian rehab near me in Northern Virginia

Christian Rehab Near Me in Northern Virginia

When Should a Christian Consider Going to Rehab?

If you or a loved one are experiencing the ups and downs of drug and alcohol addiction, you undoubtedly have had thoughts about what life could be like if you were free of substance abuse. While you know you want to live a life of health and sobriety, many wonder if drug or alcohol rehab is the best option for you. As someone from the Christian faith, your faith in God will often feel like that is the best way to help you find your way through substance abuse and into a life of sober living. Some may be considering entering an addiction treatment center but want to know that your treatment programs will align with your Christian values and faith. 

If you find that your substance abuse has become unmanageable and has begun to create severe or significant impacts on your day-to-day life, consider the support of a Christian rehab program. Others who have attempted to quit drugs and alcohol on their own but found you are experiencing failed attempts at doing so would benefit from the support of addiction treatment programs that will provide you with a safe haven to address the root causes of their addiction and develop the coping skills to maintain a life in addiction recovery. 

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What Happens at a Christian Rehab in Northern Virginia?

A Christian rehab provides Northern Virginia residents with a comprehensive treatment approach that incorporates evidence-based therapy methods while bringing in Christian values and beliefs that will guide your recovery process. Patients within Christian rehab will have opportunities to engage in various treatment methods, including behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, medication-assisted treatment, family therapy, and relapse prevention education and development. 

Additionally, most treatment programs will incorporate 12-step alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous programs that provide an individualized treatment approach that emphasizes finding solace and inspiration to overcome addiction with a belief in God. Christian rehab invites patients to read scriptures, attend church, and focus on how to find their new path in life in addiction recovery with the support of God and their Christian faith. 

What Are The Goals of Christian Rehab Near Me?

Attending a Christian rehab offers many benefits for Northern Virginia residents, including healing from the physical, emotional, and mental addiction to drugs and alcohol through evidence-based therapy methods and Christian faith. Attending a Christian rehab will provide you with an individualized treatment program that focuses on achieving these goals for addiction recovery:

  • Foster a healing environment with other patients who share the same Christian beliefs. Christian rehab will allow you to heal from your substance use disorders within a community of people with the same values and beliefs. 
  • Discovering your new road to recovery that incorporates your Christian values- Many individuals succeed in addiction recovery after finding or restoring their beliefs and faith in a higher power or God. 
  • Allow for a healing experience that values and celebrates your Christian faith. Patients will be provided and encouraged to have opportunities to connect with their spirituality and religion through bible based treatment approaches, reading the bible, and attending church processions. 

How Recovery Unplugged Christian Rehab Near Northern Virginia Can Help

Recovery Unplugged offers Northern Virginia residents a comprehensive treatment program that honors your need for individualized treatment plans and connection to your Christian beliefs. Patients will be able to overcome their alcohol and drug addiction, learn how to manage any co-occurring mental health disorders, and establish a new way of life in addiction recovery with the support of our personalized treatment plans. 

We are a genuinely unique treatment center as we combine evidence-based therapy methods, faith-based rehab, and our exclusive music-assisted treatment that will help you heal from your alcohol and drug addiction through creative and musical expression. Contact Recovery Unplugged by calling (800) 557-3422 to allow us the opportunity to develop customized treatment plans that will foster healing, personal growth, and addiction recovery.