Christian Rehab in Lake Worth

Christian Rehab in Lake Worth

What Is Christian Rehab?

A Christian rehab treatment center provides a safe, supportive environment for substance abusers to heal from their alcohol and drug addiction. Like other drug and alcohol treatment programs, Christian rehab provides patients with a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment that will support them in healing from the underlying emotions and traumas associated with their addictive behaviors while developing the life skills for living in addiction recovery. 

As you engage in the various evidence-based therapy methods offered within drug and alcohol treatment, you will be supported in strengthening your faith and belief in God to help guide and support your journey in addiction recovery. Christian rehab will allow you to connect with your spirituality and trust in God, which has been proven to be an effective tool for maintaining a life of sober living.

To discover how the addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 561-431-9177 today. 

Is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Effective?

It is common for most alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs to have faith-based treatment using the 12-step addiction recovery methods. A 12-step addiction treatment program encourages patients to connect with a higher power that many call God. Having a belief in something greater than yourself allows you to take the pressure off yourself to make things happen in your life and recognize that there is a larger plan for your life that you need to have faith in. 

A faith-based treatment program allows patients to address the feelings of shame or guilt associated with their drug and alcohol addiction. Faith-based treatment programs will support you in processing your emotions around your drug and alcohol addiction by providing a new focus and meaning to your life. 

Benefits of Christian Rehab

Participating in a Christian rehab program will provide you with the benefit of comprehensive treatment plans that include a variety of evidence-based therapy methods, including behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic treatments, and medically assisted treatment. 

Other common benefits that individuals experience from engaging in faith-based treatment programs are: 

  •  A renewed sense of hope as you put your faith and beliefs into a higher power and God to help guide your way in addiction recovery. Having a strong belief in a higher power acts as a method of relapse prevention as you can connect to God and others in addiction recovery and faith-based programs. 
  • Developing a stronger sense of self-identity and self-worth 
  • Developing a community of support with other individuals who share the same beliefs and who will be there to support you in the successes and challenges in your life, including your path in addiction recovery
  • A stronger sense of routine as you engage in daily spiritual rituals and practices. 

Why Choose Recovery Unplugged for Christian Rehab in Lake Worth?

Recovery Unplugged offers a faith-based treatment center that is inviting and supportive to all patients ready to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our fully licensed and accredited treatment center offers a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment with varying levels of care, including inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment. Our Florida addiction treatment center provides a unique addiction treatment method of music-assisted treatment. Patients will be able to express their emotions and process their feelings with the support of creative, musical expression. If you are new to or haven’t tried creative musical outlets, that is okay as our treatment programs are sp[ecifical designed to meet the individual needs for your healing journey. For Lake Worth, Florida residents ready to begin your road to recovery through our inclusive, faith-based therapy methods, call us at 561-431-9177 today to speak with one of our compassionate counselors and admission specialists to start your healing journey towards long-term recovery.