Drug Treatment Centers

Choosing the Right Drug Treatment Facility

The Huffington Post recently ran an article about the how to identify an ethical drug treatment facility, which turned out to be a rather accurate and illuminating piece. The explosion of substance abuse and addiction in America has, unfortunately, created a cottage industry of lesser-qualified and ill-equipped drug treatment facilities. While it’s important that patients get help wherever and however they can, it’s also important that they actually get the help they seek. An unpleasant rehab experience can discourage patients from the treatment process altogether, and leave them locked in a cycle of cold-turkey abstinence in relapse. This is why it’s so critical that patients and their families know what to look for when researching treatment options.

It’s important to verify that the drug treatment facility you’re considering offers onsite medical detox or at least coordination with a nearby facility. The detox process is one of the most physically and emotionally taxing parts of recovery, and it’s critical that patients are kept safe and comfortable by experienced and qualified doctors, nurses and support staff. It’s also important that the drug treatment facility you choose offers a comprehensive and realistic aftercare plan to help patients succeed in their post-treatment recovery. With relapse rates incredibly high among newly sober treatment graduates, it’s critical that you or your loved one have behavioral advantage in managing factors that can trigger temptation and subsequent backslide.

Other factors that represent a quality and ethical drug treatment facility include family education to help patients’ loved ones understand the disease of addiction and their role in their loved one’s recovery; comfortable and safe accommodations for residential patients, JCAHO accreditation, relationships with insurance companies and more. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Don’t let haste or concerns over budget steer you into the drug treatment facility.