World Day of Prayer at Recovery Unplugged

Celebrating World Day of Prayer at Recovery Unplugged

Faith is a personal struggle, and prayer is a reflection of that. Because of the different ways in which we can pray, celebrating World Day of Prayer is a very personal experience. 

Some people may pray to God, and others may pray to higher powers that they rely on during hard times. It’s a way in which you can question the stressful things in life while still being grateful. 

Prayer can bring peace and awareness. Prayer ultimately connects you with God or your higher power, whatever it may be. World Day of Prayer is a day where we all can come together for one common reason: gratefulness.

Different Types of Prayer

Prayer is a diverse practice that is reflective of where a person is in their life. Every culture, philosophy, religion, and spiritual practice has a unique opinion and manner of practicing prayer. As a result, no two people feel or pray exactly the same. 

For some, prayer is speaking out loud, as if to a friend, and trusting something will guide you when you can’t guide yourself. It can be a moment of connection with something that seems outside of yourself. It’s conscious and intentional thought, regardless of where it comes from and where it might lead you.

Prayer can be trying to ask an outside source questions that are meant to be posed to the self. It can be bridging the gap between personal desires and what we do and don’t know. 

Speaking to people in your community or other addicts can also be a form of prayer. This is because some people believe that God speaks through others, and that mindful speech can manifest good intentions. 

For some people, prayer can simply be basking in blessings and grace through nature. For others, it can be talking to dead friends or family members in an effort to ease your anxieties. 

In general, however, prayer seems to be about talking to God or communicating with a higher power on an intimate and personal level. Across the board, prayer is the expression of our successes and failures to something outside of ourselves. 

Prayer as Personal Expression 

Although many people go into prayer with the same kinds of intentions, the expression of prayer can look very different. Different people have different rituals, and there are so many ways in which people can do this one thing. 

Prayer can be a way of justifying faith, and for non-religious people, it can reaffirm positive beliefs in their life. This can be expressed as kneeling by your bedside with a rosary before sleeping or by lighting votives and giving offerings to idols. 

Prayer can be appreciating nature and allowing yourself to be present in it. Swimming in the ocean or exploring the woods can be the same as prayer and confession for some. 

Prayer is a direct contact with a higher power. This can be simple conversations that give the extra reminder of the importance of speaking with your higher power. It’s requesting things you need or want while being aware of where you are and what you have. 

Coming Together for World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer is a day to reflect on your personal beliefs, a day of self-reflection and self-awareness. It is also about non-denominational recognition of prayer in different cultures and religions. 

It’s a day where we’re cognizant of prayer for the world and global issues as opposed to just personal prayer. This is a day about self, a day of reaching out and including those who might typically be left out of organized prayer. 

It’s a day to think and wish the best for others and a day of thinking outwardly. For some people, World Day of Prayer is every day. 

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