Catch Paul Pellinger at His Upcoming Book Signing at Nova Southeastern University

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Paul Pellinger

Join Recovery Unplugged Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger at Nova Southeastern University as he discusses music-based addiction treatment and signs copies of his latest book Music Is Our Medicine. Released in December of last year, Music Is Our Medicine has already appeared on the Amazon Bestseller List and has brought the Recovery Unplugged story to an even wider audience. The event will be held in the Club Room on the Second Floor of Nova Southeastern University’s arena at 3301 College Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314 on April 24 from 6:30-7:30pm. Attendees can reserve their complimentary seats by emailing [email protected]. We hope to see you there. Learn more about the event here. 

Music Is Our Medicine is an engaging and informative account of the inherent powers of music to help patients heal from addiction; and is highly recommended for anyone who has encountered drug dependency or alcoholism, whether directly or indirectly, in their own lives. It’s also a must-read for music lovers in general, and anyone who has ever been emotionally transformed through this art form. Paul offers candid insight into how music influenced his own recovery and how it was directly responsible for the evolution of the Recovery Unplugged treatment model that has helped so many patients heal from drug and alcohol abuse.

Paul has been a driving force behind the Recovery Unplugged mission statement and has put a lot of himself and his own experiences into the fabric of our organization’s treatment paradigm. This event is a chance to connect with a pioneer of music-based addiction care and hear the multiple ways that music can help heal substance use disorder, improve health, reconnect families and help people take their lives back. Space is limited so be sure to reserve your seat today to be part of this fun and informative event.

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The Recovery Unplugged music-focused addiction treatment approach was primarily developed by our co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Pellinger. Paul’s years of experience in the addiction treatment industry combined with his deep love of music, and his belief in its ability to heal, led to the...
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