Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Candidates in New Hampshire Grilled About Addiction

Candidates in New Hampshire Grilled About Addiction

As we have stated again and again the heroin epidemic is worse than ever.  Bringing this conversation to the forefront right now is the state of New Hampshire.  With politics buzzing around the state as it is the first to vote in the primary elections and it is the first in per-capita rates of opiate addiction.  This makes our country’s drug problem a front and center issue.

According to Tym Rourke in the Daily Beast “We have in New Hampshire some of the highest per capita rates of addiction in the United States…So we are very, very much at ground zero for addiction… Right now, we are having an overdose death every day.”

The as most of the presidential candidates are present in New Hampshire campaigning, it is just about impossible for them to get out of a conversation without someone bringing up addiction as a key issue.

This is not just an issue for New Hampshire.  Being a Florida drug rehab we know first hand some of the devastating effects addiction has around the country.  During a presidential forum the Ohio Governor John Kasich said “I think it’s very important that with economic growth comes responsibility and ability to help people who live in the shadows, whether they’re mentally ill or drug-addicted.”

Chris Christie visited a local New Jersey Treatment Center and said “New Hampshire’s got its issues, but so does New Jersey and so does Iowa, and places I’ve been visiting have all been experiencing the same thing. This is an epidemic in our country.”

Both sides of the aisle are tackling this issue with Hillary Clinton talking at a Keene, NH forum “I think it’s pretty clear that we’ve got to refocus and learn from the experts, from people in recovery themselves what will work. And that’s why I’m here.”

In just the beginning of this election cycle it seems like addiction treatment issues are going to be a major talking point on a national level.  There is a public health crisis in every state in this country.  Our Florida Drug Rehab believes that this is great to hear candidates on that campaign trail speaking about it on both sides of the aisle.