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Being Sober At College

College, that is where I saw myself start to degenerate and fall (among many of my “friends”).  I remember feeling free to do what I wanted and at that point it was smoke and drink all that day.   However nothing goes as planned and it felt like a horror movie after a couple years with “friends” being picked off one by one by one (due to drunk driving, overdose, etc.).  By the end (of college into graduate school) things had changed for me too and I was the sober one.  Being the sober one was amazing, hilarious at times, and scary.

“The accountable one” is a tag that should be more encouraging. It doesn’t mean you don’t have fun. It just means you’re not an idiot, which is a solid feature that’s really rare. It makes you stand out as the guy/gal to go to if there’s a serious problem.  Being the “sober guy/gal” among a disabled crowd provides copious of chances for valor, in this case you are the mediator you are the ref.

Pro-Tip:  Watching pick-up attempts are hilarious.

Here are some tips on how to stay sober at college.

  • Find a group of friends that like you– Consider the amount of people on your campus there are going to be plenty of people who are sober, you just have to find them. Most likely you can find them through different organizations, clubs and sports.  They don’t have to be sober but they have to respect that you are.
  • Stay Off Campus – Having a place to go away from the party is a safe haven. It is easy to avoid the temptation if you are nowhere near the temptation.
  • There Is Fun Beyond the Parties – Hit some concerts. Go to dinner. With all the money you’re saving, you can afford a meal that’s not Ramen.  Support your local sports team.

Going to college sober is a lesson in sacrifices. You miss out on some common social experiences but you gain so much more. Most of all you get the education which is the most important part of the college experience.