Avoiding Relapse during the Super Bowl

Avoiding Relapse during the Super Bowl

There’s a reason why the Monday after the Super Bowl sees the highest rates of workplace call-outs during the year; and it’s not because those who called out were simply up too late. The Big Game and the big glass (or bottle or can) have long been linked, and it’s important that those in recovery take special care to avoid relapse during the Super Bowl. This event has transcended the game of football and is one of the most celebrated days of the calendar year; and celebration often means drinking. Whether you choose to watch the game at a local restaurant or a friend’s house, it’s entirely possible that the booze will be flowing. Over half of all Americans watching the game will be drinking alcohol on a night in which DUI arrests typically skyrocket. Exercising an abundance of caution can be critical to your sobriety.

Know Your Limits

There is scarcely a more casual or permissive atmosphere than a friend or loved one’s house on Super Bowl Sunday. In an environment in which there may be heavy drinking, it’s important to assess your readiness level to be around that kind of behavior. Many have a hard time being around alcohol even after years in recovery. In an effort to avoid relapse during the Super Bowl, we have to be honest with ourselves regarding our vulnerability. This may mean skipping a more festive celebration in favor of a more low-key event.

Keep Your Friends Close

We cultivate our support system for a reason; they’re the people on whom we can rely when times get tough and we find ourselves facing a heightened risk of a set-back. As we prepare to watch our favorite (or least favorite) teams take the field this Sunday, we should be sure to have our therapists’, sponsors’ and designated loved ones’ contact information close at hand. They have committed to helping us on our road to recovery; we should honor that commitment by leaning on them.

Remember Your Training

Rehab gives us the behavioral tools we need to address temptation and avoid relapse. We can rely on the work we did with our doctors, therapists and treatment professionals in times of distress or heightened temptation. The object of rehab is to help us stay sober in the face of real-life situations; it doesn’t get much more real than Super Bowl Sunday for alcohol consumption. By remembering the techniques we developed in rehab, we can better insulate ourselves from a slip.

Recovery Unplugged is committed to helping all patients overcome drug or alcohol addiction. If you or loved one has suffered relapse during the Super Bowl, please seek treatment immediately to get back on track.