Recovery Unplugged Staff

Charlotte Weiner

Registered Nurse

“I try to take life back right out of the hands of the King of the World, How could I make you so small, when you’re the one who hold it all!” - “King of the World,” Natalie Grant

Call: 954-368-0888

Email: [email protected]

Charlotte Weiner

A Registered Nurse at Recovery Unplugged, Charlotte Weiner sees the residential patients and assesses their current conditions, including taking Vital Signs and all signs of physical withdrawal symptoms. She also provides medical education to each patient regarding their care, medications, side effects, and what to expect while in treatment and post-treatment. She educates clients and reminds them how valuable they are as human beings even if they don’t know it, feel it, or see it. Charlotte has been a nurse for 25+ years, working in a nursing facility doing wound care and as an RN. She has obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Admin and Psychology.

On February 19, 2019, Charlotte picked up her 30 year medallion, and continues to be active in Alcoholics Anonymous. Charlotte has four daughters, one of which overdosed and died in 2011, another who has over eighteen months of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, and two others who remain active in their disease. Outside of work Charlotte loves giving back by serving the homeless, being a sponsor in her fellowship, and by being a good friend. Her hobbies include writing poetry and painting, and she is currently working on some new paintings that she hopes to display and sell.