Tarshi Watkins

Admissions Coordinator

“For you are not alone,” - “You Are Not Alone,” Michael Jackson

Call: 954-703-1975

Email: Tarshiw@recoveryunplugged.com

Tarshi Watkins

One of our Admissions Coordinators, Tarshi Watkins informs and provides clients and their friends, family, and loved ones with the treatment options that are available to them. She prides herself for helping save lives and get help for those who desperately need treatment. Tarshi has been in the substance abuse treatment industry for over eleven years, and in past positions been a Team Lead.

An active member of Narcotics Anonymous, Tarshi has been in recovery for fourteen years. In her spare time she enjoys watching foreign films and listening to music. She loves her Yorkie, Grace, and her four cats, Peppina, Maximilion, Daisy, and White Paws.

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