Nicole Walck

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“Did you ever know you’re my hero?” - “Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette Midler

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Nicole Walck

Nicole Walck is one of the Admissions Managers in the Admissions department here at Recovery Unplugged. Her main duties in the call center are overseeing the admission representatives on a day to day basis, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. She also acts as a second voice should any of the representatives need help informing potential clients regarding our program, speaking to the families of those potential clients in order to involve them in the admissions process and inform them of the importance of their loved one getting help. Nicole has taken several different psychology classes and has worked in the substance abuse field for years, helping save lives in her prior roles as Behavioral Health Technician and Admissions Coordinator at the Ft. Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center.

Nicole has been in recovery for almost five years and is heavily involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, regularly attending meetings and actively sponsoring and volunteering within the recovery community. She has two dogs named Pupperdoo and Lola and is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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