Recovery Unplugged Staff

Kaylin Turpin

Case Manager

\"Piece by piece, sew rubble to rubble, I learned how to walk by learning to stumble,\" - \"Rubble to Rubble,\" Wilderaldo

Call: 954-368-0888

Email: [email protected]

Kaylin Turpin

Kaylin Turpin is a Case Manager at Recovery Unplugged. As a case manager, she assists clients with putting the pieces of their lives together that are happening outside of treatment. She builds resumes, helps our clients with job searching, documents treatment for legal matters, and communicates with attorneys, probation and parole officers. In addition, she connects clients with resources that continue their treatment through various aftercare programs and therapies. She has worked as a Mental Health Technician in the past, and has a thorough understanding of the process that each client undergoes during their time in treatment.

Kaylin got clean on August 24th, 2016, and has a passion for being of service to others and her 12-step program. As an addict in recovery herself, she has dealt with the battle with addiction in her personal and family life, and as a result uses her experiences to ensure that her work is done effectively and empathetically. In her free time, she enjoys leisurely activities like snorkeling, painting and reading. She also goes through step work to aid her along her journey.