Matt Trejo

Financial Analyst

“Voy a reír, voy a bailar, vivir mi vida, la la la la,” - “Vivir mi vida,” Marc Anthony

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Matt Trejo

The Financial Analyst here at Recovery Unplugged, Matt Trejo interprets and analyzes data from the marketing team and company to make well-informed business decisions. He also uses the data he collects to create reports and spread accurate information throughout the company to help others make well-informed decisions as well. He received his Bachelor's of Science and Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami.

A huge sports fan, Matt loves and plays almost every sport when he has the chance. He also enjoys everything outdoors and likes hiking, backpacking, and biking, as well as exploring new indoor and outdoor places with friends. His goal is to take a trip monthly, either in or out of the country, because he loves traveling so much.

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