Tammy Fry

Human Resources Director

“Darling, I don’t want you looking back at all the ghosts left behind,” - “Young & Free,” Dermot Kennedy

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Email: tammyf@recoveryunplugged.com

Tammy Fry

Tammy Fry is the Director of Human Resources for Recovery Unplugged, and is currently based out of our Dallas, TX . location. Tammy oversees all Administration in Texas and ensures that all resources between the management and staff are running smoothly in Texas as well as nationally. She works with a variety of leadership teams nationally to cultivate leadership development and trainings. She has a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration with a Principal Certification, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Education. Prior to working for Recovery Unplugged, Tammy was an educator for 24 years, in which she spent time teaching and has experience as a Principal. During her time as an educator she grew passionate working with adolescents and their families struggling with domestic violence, addiction, and all areas that come with troubled life.

Tammy has been in recovery since 2016, and has used her personal experience to help improve the quality of the workplace at Recovery Unplugged. The mother of three beautiful sons, aged 11, 17, and 19, Tammy practices the art of meditation daily and has a passion for helping others struggling with addiction.

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